Lancome Matte Lipstick Color Design

Lipsticks are barely a part of my beauty arsenal. I rarely if ever wear them. I’m much more in love with glosses. For some reason when I think of lipstick, I think of my vicious seventh grade teacher who had very thin chapped lips, horrible coffee/cigarette breath.  She always wore this bright red lipstick that was totally wrong for her, and to make it worse, there were always shades of it on her front teeth. Yuke, not a cool memory at all.  But, recently I tried Lancome’s new matte lipsticks, and after trying this, the memory of Miss. Klenfeld (yes that was her name) has completely been erased, because this new lipstick is rocking my world.

First of all, I tried two of their colors. Pink Preview Matte and Bronze Show Matte. The colors of both looked fantastic on my tan skin, but the bronze was the clear winner. The lipstick is matte, but when applied,  my lips felt super hydrated (which never happens with lipstick). This did not dry my lips out at all. 

Apparently the lipsticks contains a Revolutionary Color Seal Complex that contains soft silicones and pigments that are combined with comfort agents to deliver a rich matte color that is non-drying and long-lasting. The bronze color was a gorgeous dark orange, that really would work well on all women with tan skin, but the pink was the big surprise. It was a bright pink that honestly looked beautiful on me. Although lipsticks are never my first choice when it comes to beauty, I’ll reconsider with these  Lancome ones. 


pic has Bronze Show

Have you tried these Lancome Shades?

Have you tried this Lancome Collection?




Sarah said...

Yay, you look beautiful. You have the glow!!! Love the colour on you... ; )

BonafideLatina~ said...

Love these 2 colors! You look so cute :)

Go head foxy mama :)

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