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Saturdays before work, I love to indulge with a good girlfriend for lunch. I hadn’t seen my friend Cassie in a while so we decided to head out to The Smith to get our grub on!  I’d heard great things about this place from many people including my beauty blogger sister Lianne Farbes of The Makeup girl. When we arrived at around 1pm,  I was shocked at how packed the restaurant was. I knew it would  be because the weather was glorious, but hot damn, there were people waiting outside for a seat. It was completely full and the place was buzzing with noise. The crowd was  a great mix of young urbanites and professionals. Although we didn’t have a reservation, and it was packed we were seated in around 5 minutes. Cassie ordered a baked salmon benedict and I got a grilled chicken sandwich.

All I got to say is the sandwich was to die for! The chicken was delish, well-seasoned, fresh and so juicy with avocados. It was really tasty. I also noticed they give you huge portions of food. I couldn’t even finish my whole sandwich (took it home).  I found myself licking my fingers after (I know that’s gross but hey, it was that good.).The fries that it came with were so tender and not greasy at all.  I usually don’t like French fries but these were absolutely amazing. But the star of the meal was the bread pudding.

Although on top it was loaded with vanilla ice cream (which I didn’t touch because I’m lactose intolerant, but Cassie was glad to let it off of my hands) the bread pudding itself was so moist and delicious with warm bananas on top. YUM!  The dish truly rocked my word. Cassie loved her dish too.
Here are some interesting things about the Smith:
Downstairs they have a wall, with a few holes in it. In some of the holes you can’t see anything, but one hole shows very old porn movies. It was kind of hilarious and weird at the same time.
There’s also a photo booth where you can take really cute pics for $3 bucks. Here’s Cassie and I.

All in all, if you’re looking for a great inexpensive meal at a cool spot,with a great crowd, def go to The Smith.


Ascsunited said...
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beautylogicblog said...

you can check her out at

Lianne said...

I LOVE this place!! Great food and drinks....I had some damn potato chips w/blue cheese sauce last time I was there. Just beyond......

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