Pump Up The Volume-Rimmel The Max Volume Flash Mascara

Rimmel The Max Volume Flash Mascara

You know what I love better than a great mascara? A great mascara that’s under 10. Bucks. Those always win this tired pregnant girl's heart. Yes I do love higher end mascaras too, but let’s face it, why pay more, when you can pay less-especially since now most of my money is being spent on baby stuff.  

Anyway  I recently got the chance to try Rimmel’s newest The Max Volume Flash mascara, and although I am a more of a luscious length girl, I actually do love the amount of volume that this mascara gives my lashes.

The mascara promises 14X more volume than normal. I’m not sure about 14 times more but, it does pack some serious volumizer in that brush.
The brush is Rimmel's biggest brush, with huge bristles that managed to catch all of my lashes. Apparently the brush contains collagen and keratin as well. Collagen is supposed to fatten & Keratin supposed to strengthen
For me the proof is always in the pudding.

Here are my lashes before any mascara at 7:00 am: 

Here's my lashes after 1 coat:

Here are my lashes after two coats:No clumping, I  was impressed.

I' m definitely digging it-for the price, and for the amount of volume I get, this is pretty serious and the lasting power is pretty sweet.The only thing I did notice was it slightly smudged as I applied. But that could just be because I was half asleep while I was doing it. The rest of the day it was smudge free.

What's your favorite volumizing mascara?

Are you more of a length girl like me?




Hell Notes for Beauty said...

My favorite is l'oreal voluminous carbon black. Only thing is now that the weather is or was getting warmer it tends to smudge.

Cover lash blast never smudges but does not provide the volume and length loreal does. So it's always something. I may try this out and hope it does not smudge. Did you notice it smudge on you?

Natakue said...

I'm a volume girl, myself.

My absolute fave was L'Oreal Voluminous in carbon black, too. But now that I'm boycotting anything L'Oreal and Garnier since that racist office memo surfaced, I've been on the hunt for a new one...with only ok results so far.

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