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Beauty is an adventure” that’s makeup artist Sue Devitt’s personal mantra and I totally agree. When I wake up in the morning bare faced, and whip out my makeup palettes, I wonder what adventure will I take my face on. Will I go for a dramatic seductive look? Or will I leave with a more neutral subdued appearance. In the history of BeautyLogic, I’ve never reviewed a Sue Devitt product. I was recently introduced to her makeup, and seriously I’ve been missing out.

Her Southern Seas Collection was inspired by her trips to the South Pacific. The collection includes a gorgeous Solomon Seas Palette which contains a beautiful array of pinks and corals and brown. Although the palette says it’s for the eyes and cheeks, I’ve only used it on the cheeks, and love the beautiful pink  shimmer glow that I get from it. Leaves me looking very fresh faced. Its funny how when people see how much I'm glowing they attribute it to my pregnancy. Little do they know its in the palettes I use. lol
The palette also contains nutrients for the skin like  hyaluronic acid, which is a natural skin plumper, marine collagen, and antioxidant Tamanu essence.

The collection also includes four glosses. I tried Telena which is a  opaque bright pink color. The consistency is pretty thick, and it last incredibly long.

Even after I finishing drinking my morning smoothie, which is a green concoction, it was still going strong on my lips. That's pretty impressive, and it's not sticky. Loves it!

All in all, me likey.

To find out more about Sue Devitt and her products, click on her website.

Have you tried Sue Devitt products?

What were your thoughts?

These products were provided to me by her PR company and in no way affected the review.


Calming said...

Haven't tried this line although the colors are beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Ha before reading what you wrote, when I first saw it, my first thought as loves it.. I love the colours you choose..

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