Book Rec-Brazilian Sexy

Yesterday was way too hot for me. I walked out of my apartment to do some shopping at the grocery store which is literally two blocks away from my home. After walking only a block, I began sweating so profusely that I had to head home, back into the cool comfort of my air conditioner. Since I had the whole day, I decided to begin reading a book that I had gotten to review called Brazilian Sexy, written by Janea Padilha founder of J Sisters Salon in New York.

If you get Brazilian waxes like I do, you know the Padilha sisters are considered the founders of the Brazilian Wax and their J Sisters Salon is insanely popular. Anyway, the book was just what I needed. It's one of those books that you can't put down. It's written in an easy breezy way that you feel like the author is your girlfriend and she's just giving you great advice about your life. Janea explains to you why and how Brazilian women are so comfortable in their own skin.  Why and how she created the Brazilian Wax.  She also dishes on some really amazing secrets about spicing up your intimate life (I thought I knew them all) but apparently I don't. She talks about the fact that women depend way too much on other people to bring them happiness, especially on men, when in fact the only one who should make them happy is themselves. **So True!!** She also talks about taking care of yourself, and how important that is in life. And her tips on having a succesfull realtionship are so on point. 1 tip that I loved is never ever ask your significant other if he loves you or if he thinks you're pretty. Just feel confident, and never look down on yourself, and no one else will either.    There's a lot of great advice in this book and all in all, I would highly recommend it to all women.

You can order it here. 

Can you recomend any great books to read during my maternity leave?

Have you ever been to J Sisters?




Tiffany said...

Sounds interesting. Can't wait to pick it up!

MJ said...

Don't try to read, just sleep! If you somehow have an opportunity to read, make it easy to pick up and put down... I found that movies worked better for me.

KMP (Keep Me Posted) said...

I'm adding that book to my summer reading list. Sounds really good. Thanks for the recommendation.



Anonymous said...

I got the book this week from Amazon..I pretty much have read it all. I find it quite interesting she is all about loving yourself regardless, but she made a career because she deemed something that is natural on us all, as unattactive.. Maybe it's just me but I found that quite ironic. I do appreciate her contribution to make us women find a new way of thinking when it comes to our flaws.
I love your blog by the way and I love that your personality come across..

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