Christopher Drummond Apricot Blush-Faking a Pregnant Glow

Hubby said something hilarious to me yesterday. He said, "When you get pregnant again..." I almost started dying laughing. Does he know how hard it is to be pregnant?  Of course he doesn't. He's watching me, but doesn't know how it feels to walk two blocks and feel as if you've ran three miles. To take a microscopic sip of a drink, and all of a sudden feel as if your bladder is about to explode , oh, and let's not forget the fact that if you're as lucky as I am, you'll develop the worst skin in history during your pregnancy.   In a few weeks my pregnancy will come to an end, Lil Man will be here (can't wait), and hopefully,  my skin will finally be 100% again. Although I seem to finally have it in control, for a while, I was shocked at how bad it was looking. Unlike many other women who claim that pregnancy gave them a “beautiful glow” I think pregnancy gave me the opposite of a glow. My skin looked dull, sallow and so tired. But, this is where my trusted makeup comes in! Although I’m hitting 9 months, and I’m not as psycho careful about my ingredients as I was in the first seven months of my pregnancy, I’m still concerned, and don’t want to put too many crazy things on my face. Here comes Chrstopher Drummond Beauty products. His products do not contain titanium dioxide, bismuth oxychloride, or zinc oxide that are known skin irritants. His products are 100% natural and organic-based, and made with the best cosmetic-grade ingredients available. One of the products in his line that truly delivers a glow is his Alluring Apricot blush. This blush  rocks my world. First off, it’s super finely milled so when applied, it feels as if I'm applying silk to my cheeks.

With one swoop of my brush, this product left serious pigment on my cheek. It’s a beautiful shade;  a gorgeous blend of  apricot with tiny golden flecks that truly delivers a stunning sun-kissed pregnancy glow. Lil man and I also love the fact that this product contains vegan ingredients and won't irritate my highly sensitive pregnant skin.

Have you tried Christopher Drummond products?

Are you careful about what you put on your skin?




Shadelle said...

Aww Im sorry to hear about your skin but super excited to read your updates! I am soo very happy for you!! :D

BonafideLatina~ said...

I love Christopher Drummond's line...I have used his veludo foundation as well as his concealer. Great quality. You def get what you pay for. Glad you got a chance to try his blush. The blush is what i haven't tried yet of his.
ENJOY the rest of your pregnancy - almost over :)

Christopher Drummond said...

See my blog post about this here...

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