Hello Mark New Summer Collection!

A few weeks back, I attended this really fun Mark Beauty Event. Designer Carlos Falchi is now working with Mark, and Mark’s new line has a very Brazilian feel to it. (I’m going to Brazil in September, so excited yay!) Anyway, we were introduced to Mark’s new summer line, and I’ll be honest, prior to that event, I had never ever tried a Mark product. Well, I’ve been missing out big time. 

A few standouts in the line are their Keep It Going Eyeliner/Eyeshadow. I always have to reapply eyeliner throughout the day. I’ve been using Mark’s  “Iconic” for a few days which is  a gorgeous jade green/and golden peach. This glides on so smooth and creamy but once  applied, seriously, it dries to a matte finish, and says on ALL DAY! Yes, I’m not playing, it stays on ALL DAY! This is huge for me! You guys don’t understand. My eyelids are greasier than the recent BP oil spill.  But not only does it last, but the shades of this are really pigmented, and they don’t lose their spark throughout the day.

Another stand out was the lip stains. Wow, these were shockingly good. I got my hands on Bella. Usually when I use a lipstain, I have to put a lip balm or chapstick over it because they can be incredibly drying to the lips. NOT THIS ONE! These lipstains apply like a dream, it’s almost as if they have a balm built into them. I wouldn’t just call them a lipstain though, they are like a lipstain/gloss built into one. At first they apply as a gloss, but as the day goes by, they wear to a stain.  It’s such a smooth application, no stickiness at all. My lips feel so hydrated with this. Bella is a beautiful pinkish plum/almost fuschia. Just gorgeous on tan skin lovelies.

Love it.

Overall, Mark was never on my beauty radar before this, but now, it definitely will be.

Random thought: As i write this, I'm watching Judge Judy. Man she's mean. But I can't stop watching. Are you a Judge Judy fan too? lol

update: i didn't do a spell check when publishing this the first time. I've now corrected all my mistakes (hopefully).



lipton|TEE said...

I know Mark products are great. I just signed up to be a Mark rep and already I am in love with the products they have to offer.


Hell Notes for Beauty said...

I love Meet mark's blushes especially bronze glo. And their eyeshadows are great too.

Ouidad Blog said...

I love the way these colors appear so natural and fresh, perfect for summer! The eyeshadow looks fantastic.

Katie for Ouidad

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