My Sex & The City 2 Night Out

Yesterday was the first day opening of Sex &The City. I was super excited. Because I’m in the media, in my personal life (the blog) and my real life (news) I had been invited to the media screening on Tuesday, but I could not even think about going to see that movie with anyone but my girlfriend. So I decided to wait for the official release date, and go with my partner in crime.

Here I am, Looking very  "Carriesque" with my Aviator Shades.


And here’s the bestest Cassie, looking Fabu, as we get ready to head out. Cassie recently transitioned her hair to natural, and she may start contributing to beautylogic soon, as well as starting her own blog so stay tuned.


First thing we did, was head to an amazing party given by my girlfriend Jodie at her wonderous Spa salon in New York Called Georgia. Jodie is my career shero. Her list of accomplishments are amazing and she's the mother of FOUR KIDS! She has a blog as well. Please check it out here.


Georgia is unlike any salon I’ve ever seen or been to. The salon is loaded with products that I’ve never even heard of which says alot (I like to think I’m very well-versed on all products), and a gorgeous set up. 

Her walls are filled with beautiful photos and in the front she has a whole wall dedicated to her family.  Jodie was having a party for her new product line Valencia. I tried the lotion, and let me tell you, not only did my skin smell like a delish blend of citrus but my legs were moisturized beyond!   

The party was so fabu. We spotted stylist June Ambrose there, who we’ve interviewed on beautylogic before, and the legendary Bethann Hardison, new editor at large for Vogue Italia. Bethann was one of the most approachable people ever. I was in such awe of her, and Cassie and I ended up spending most of the night talking to her.
                                   Me and Bethann Hardison
                                   Me and Cassie. 

After such a great event, we finally headed out see Sex & The City. The line was so long, it was crazy. I go to movies at least twice a month, and have never seen lines like this. As Cassie and I sat down, I realized I was sitting next to the two makeup artist who had worked on me at the Purple Lab Shoot I took part of about a month or so ago. What a coincidence.
Anyway, I loved the movie. I could care less that people hated it. The film was so much better than I expected, and so hilarious. One of the reasons I love Sex & The City was not because of the fashion (believe me, I’m no fasionista at all). I loved Sex & The City because they show the strong bond that four women can share, and that nothing could ever come between them. Many times women are scared to be friends with other women because they fear women's jealousy, but this movie shows that friendships between women are possible, and they can be stronger than the bonds you have even within your own family. 

All in all I would highly recommend Sex & The City. 

Are you having a girls night Sex & The City Event? 

What did you love the most about Sex & The City? 

If you're in town, please check out Georgia NY. It is beyond beautiful.




Mischo Beauty said...

FABULOUS post, girly! Cassie is beautiful. Love the event photos & recap! Going to see the movie this weekend. Can't waaaaaaait! LOL :)

Alana said...

Go cassie!! you both look nice

Nikia said...

Going to see it this weekend! I totally agree, I love the fact that these women genuinely love each other. Its pretty rare, I have friendship envy :-(

Dassenia said...

I just looked at cassie's website. Wow, she was in the movie inside man, and I think I love my wife. Good for her.

KMP (Keep Me Posted) said...

You are glowing girl! You all looked great. I'm going to check out GeorgiaNY, and Cassie has a great site, congrats. Looking fwd to reading about her beauty tips on


Laters girl!


BonafideLatina~ said...

I haven't seen it yet on the list!

You look great!!!

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