New Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear

New Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear 

Hey love bugs. How are you? Today in NY it will be 94 degrees. Holy Crap! It’s going to be hot as heck. The worst thing about 94 degrees is ….being pregnant when it’s 94 degrees. I am so happy that my lil man is coming at the end of June. At least I’ll be able to enjoy my summer without this huge tummy But anyway, let’s talk beauty. A big no no during the hot summer months is to use heavy foundations. Yesterday on the subway, I couldn’t stop staring at this woman. (Mr. DE tells me I have bad staring issues.) It looked as if she was sweating foundation. She was wiping her greasy face and all I saw was the brown foundation all over her napkin.  It wasn’t a good look. I was dying to recommend my new find-Lancome Teint Idole FreshWear to her. 


During  the weekend of The Makeup show, many companies were presenting their new products, and I’ve tried a few of them, but you girls know how I do. I only write about the ones that will knock your socks off. I’ve been using this since last Monday and am so impressed by this product. My shade is Suede On. Lancome claims this last for 18 hours-even in humid conditions. The most I’ve worn it for is 11 hours, and yup it lasted the whole time and my nose was not greasy at all.  This is a lightweight foundation, but even when I applied without concealer, it still managed to hide my hyperigmentation and my face looked so flawless.  Suede On is pretty much the exact color of my skin, usually I have to mix my foundations, but not with this one. Lancome says that the secret to it being long-lasting is their “ultra-resistant coated pigments with a protective film that stand up to the elements along with shine technology that keeps skin matte.” Whatever it is, it works. I’m loving that this is OIL FREE-FRAGRANCE FREE, NON ACNEGENIC AND NON COMODEGINIC, AND IT HAS SPF 15. In short, this is one of my newest obsessions.

me with it on- please excuse my pregnancy nose

Random thought Have you guys seen the new adds for the new reality show mall cop. Uhm, I don’t know about you, but a show about mall cops doesn’t seem too interesting, but hey you never know.




Radu Prisacaru, UK Internet Marketer & Web Developer said...

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E. Mariel said...

This update came right in the very nick of time on Wed. I was with my Mom at the Lancome counter, getting a foundation for her. She tried the Fresh Wear since i told her it was just recommended to me, and she loved it! She looked beautiful :-).

It looks great on you as well!

Anonymous said...

omg i am so with you. this month of 90 degree weather has had me buying and returning every freaking foundation on the market - FINALLY i found lancome teint idole fresh wear and all i can say is WOW. best performing foundation ever. it does everything i want it to and somehow isn't super heavy. i think this is my favorite foundation ever, and i have tried them all. im wearing level 7N and i am a white girl, but it's yellow enough to just come off as kind of a glowy tan and matches me when im tan/self tanned. plus i have lots of hyperpigmentation so it evens everything all out. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. glad to see you do too, wish i read your post sooner!

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