The Zoya Flash Collection is the second summer collection that Zoya has released for 2010. These shades are incredibly opaque, bright, and perfect for the warm summer months. (Although the latest weather in nyc has me forgetting what season we’re in. It was freezing last night.) Heres a rundown of some of the shades:

Zoya Robyn
Robyn looks as if  Zoya took a bright sunny blue sky and bottled it This color is such a perfect sky blue.

Zoya Perrie

This is a beautiful muted lavender. I’m in love with this shade. I was surprised at how gorgeous it looked on tan skin. My next manicure is on Thursday and I’ve decided to wear this.

Zoya Dana
Although I liked all the shades, this was probably one of my least favorites, because it looks like a few other colors I own. I would describe Zoya’s Dana as a dark pink. 

Zoya Jolene
My absolute fave color in this location. For some reason this reminds me of cotton candy, at the circus. This is such a bright and perfect for summer. This is my Thursday pedicure color.

Zoya Maura
Vava voom, Reds are amongst my favorite nail polish colors, and this is a fiery foxy bright red. Love it (But then again, I’ve never met a red I didn’t like.)

Zoya Jancyn
Jancyn is a beautiful orange with just a hint of yellow-maybe tangerine. It’s unlike any other color I’ve seen in a nail polish, and I am loving it.

What's your favorite color in this collection?




BonafideLatina~ said...

Gorgeous colors!!! I like the purple and orange...where do you usually get Zoya polishes???

Lady G. & Cynz said...

all beautiful brilliant vivid colors, colors I have never really seen in nail polish before. love all of them but my favorite is that sky blue.

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