Zoya Sparkle Collection

Zoya Sparkle Nail polish Collection

Well summer is almost here! Yay! I’m so excited Not only because my little man is coming in late June, but because of all the glorious summer collections that are being released  by my favorite beauty companies. Zoya has released two summer nail polish  lines, and today we’re talking their Sparkle collection . Georgeous pigmented, glitterized shades, that have my name all over them.  Usually when it comes to  collections, there’s a shade or two that I would never wear, but these all seem to fit me perfectly!

Zoya Ivanka
  A good green nail polish is always hard to find, but Zoya has ended by search with this one. A stunning deep green with glitter all over it This is what you get with two coats

Zoya Alegra
Do you know in spanish Alegra means "happy." That's exactly how I feel when I applied this beautiful  color. I wouldn't describe it as a just red though, more like a mix of pink/red. Is that fuschia? Magenta? Well whatever it is, the shade is beautiful, sparkly, and oh so pretty.

Zoya Mimi

Have you ever laid eyes on such a rich deep purple? The glitter just adds so much dimension to it. This is my second fave shade? With two coats, this is what you get.

Zoya Nidhi
Red with golden specks=Must have for summer. I drool over this one and it's currently on my toes.

Zoya Charla 
My absolute favorite color. Can you just picture Ariel from the little mermaid when looking at this shade? A gorgeous Turquoise with tons of sparkle. Mr. DE doesn't really like my bright colors (he always wants me to wear some boring conservative light pink **yuke**) but even he couldn't lie about the brilliance of this shade.

Zoya Gilda
A dark pink with speckles of gold. This was on my toes last week. (I change toe polish like every week) love it

The Zoya Sparkle collection is seriously a must get for the summer.

What's your favorite color in this collection?

Any one you are dying over?



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theFabChick said...

very cute for the summer! Gonna trying a Zoya Sparkle polish...hopefully it'll look just as good on me.

lancehibner said...

All the shining.It's so gorgeous!!

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