Beauty Product You Can't Live Without-Clarisonic Mia

Since I"m a beauty blogger, my house is loaded with beauty products. I love being a guinea pig for new products. However, there is 1 skincare product that I can't ever part with. I tried to stop using her before so that I could try other items,  and my skin never forgave me.  After getting a little depressed with how horrible my skin was looking during pregnancy, I remembered the Clarisonic. I had given mine to my bestest and decided my skin needed it again STAT so I purchased one (a purple one too).After I added the Clarisonic mia to my regimen again, my skin is now finally showing me some love!

My Clarisonic Mia (in purple)

I truly believe that you should invest in your skin. It kills me when I see women who invest so much money in fashion, yet have a horrible skin care regime. To me, The Clarisonic  is an investment that everyone should make. I've blogged about it before. It removes every single trace of makeup on your face so your skincare products absorb better, and your pores look so much smaller, and after starting to use it again, my skin is finally in control.

What is 1 beauty product you can't live without?

Any skincare product that has saved your skin?



#I paid for this product, and after looking at my face this morning, and seeing how much better it looked, I had to write about it.

PS: Winner of Ila Alarm is Valerie. Valerie please contact me within 2 days or I must give this to someone else. 


GG said...

I'm with you. my #1 beauty product that I CANNOT love without is my Clarisonic. Best investment I ever made, and it's really changed the game for my skin.
I recommend it to everyone regardless of skin type.

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

I need to either invest in one or win one. Everyone's been talking about it

BonafideLatina~ said...

YES!!! It was because of you that I got a Clarisonic 2 years ago!!! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG I JUST got my Clarisonic Mia THIS WEEK! I've used it 3x and I'm in love! Where did you get your purple one tho?! I'm soooo jealous- I scoured the internet for WEEKS trying to find someone selling the purple one! I found out that they sold purple & blue on QVC a few months ago, but don't anymore...I checked Ebay & just about every other authorized dealer searching desperately for the purple one before I decided to settle for pink...but I would still be interested in getting the purple if you can tell me where! Thanks so much!

<3 Chinita

Anonymous said...

Nordstrom is having Anniversary sale and they have the clarisonic in the big and small mia travel one. They have the mia in the lavender the color she shows in the picture. So I would go their and get the purple.

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