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Ah it’s the summer time, and it’s also my maternity leave, which means, until little man is born, I’m doing serious prenatal yoga, lounging by the pool, and reading good books.
Recently, I was sent Daisy Fuentes new book Unforgettabe You to review, and this adorable little book is just what I needed. The book talks about Daisy’s life. How she became a model, MTV VJ, and pretty much what led to all her success. But, the book also gives women advice on life in general from the most simple things to “How to set a table.”  To “How to deflect yourself from an uncomfortable conversation” to even "Cell Phone Etiquette." (which a lot of us need to read) to the importance of making sure you have good friends in your life and to dealing in relationships. I loved her little list at the end of each chapter: One that I thought was cute was:

Every woman should own
1)    "A set of personalized stationery" (oops need that)
2)    "An umbrella that she isn’t embarrassed to be seen with" (check)
3)    "A great clutch/evening purse" (check)
4)    "A kick-ass pair of stilettos" (check )
5)   " A cashmere sweater or wrap" (check)
6)    "Real jewelry" (that she bought for herself) check
7)   " A great blazer"(check)
8)    "A quality set of pots and pans" (check)
9)    "A fantastic yet practical piece of luggage" (check)
10) "Her style" (check)

I also loved how she talks about relationships, and how she reflects on her own relationships and the mistakes she made and how she learned from them and how we can learn from them too This book is such a fabulous summer time read. Excellent to ready when lounging by the pool (which is where I read it)  or hanging out in the park.

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I need good book rec’s while I’m on maternity leave.

Please Email me some or leave a comment.




CC said...

This seems like such a fun summer read. Thanks for the review, congrats on little man. I know you will be a great mom


Nikia said...

Are you familiar with Alisa Valdes? She wrote "The Dirty Girls Social Club", and "Dirty Girls on Top". They're about five Latina friends who meet at B.U. and how different they are. It sounds fluffy but its smart girl chick-lit. She breaks down tons of misconceptions about Latino culture, her writing is really refreshing.

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