Brunch at Sarabeth's NYC Dining

Brunch is an essential part of my Sundays and everyone knows, that New York has the best Sunday Brunch. There are so many amazing places to eat in New York City for Brunch and a place that I adore is Sarabeth's. The restaurant has two great locations. One of them being on the Upper East Side and the other on the Upper West Side. Sarabeth's is famous for their brunch menu and has the most delicious morning drink ever called the Four Flowers Juice. It's a blend of fresh orange juice, pineapple and pomegranate juice. You have not lived until you've tasted this drink.

When I go to Sarabeth's I usually order their yummy fluffy pancakes, but last week, I got their Open-faced Omelette of Tomatoes, Sauteed Onions, Mozzarella and Spinach. This was one of the best omelette's I've ever tasted, and after having it, I had to let you girls know about it. It literally melted in my mouth and after tasting it, I wanted more and more of it. (I was going to order a second one, but my friend was in a rush, yes it was that good.)

The food is so fresh, and Sarabeth's even has their own bakeshop. I love this place.

If you're in NY, you must come to Sarabeth's either their East Side or Upper West Side Location.

You will not be dissapointed.




nattyd16 said...

I absolutely love that restaurant, and the four flowers juice is amazing. I usually ask for an extra glass with ice to pour it into though, since the juices are a little thick, it can taste a little warm.
The jams are amazing as well!

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