Guest Review: Miss Jessie's Super Sweet Back Treatment & Curly Pudding

                                                              Cassie Relaxed Hair

Cassandra is a really good friend of mine. Recently, she shot a movie in Africa called Kinyarwanda where she plays a Ruandan Heroine  Lt. Rose.
For the role, Cassie had to transition her hair from relaxed to natural. Since she hadn't  been natural for years, she's  been trying various hair treatments for months and thinks she finally may have found something that works for her.  Here's her guest review:

"It's been around 7 months since I decided to go natural. Now,  I usually just wear my hair as a fro.  I spray natural olive oil  on my hair when needed. However, I noticed that even after the application of oilive oil, my hair still looked dry. I have been pushed by so many people to try Miss Jessies. In the past  I had been a little dissapointed with Miss Jessie's Sweet Back Treatment.  After using it, although my hair was left incredibly soft, after it dried, it still looked  dry and dull. However, after using it  alongside Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding, all I have to say is CHA CHING. My hair looked so different. 
                                            Cassie Natural Hair                       

I apply Miss Jessie's Sweet Back Treatment on my hair and leave it on for about 15 minutes. It really does make my hair easy to comb through and soft.  After that, I apply a dollop amount of Miss Jessie's Curly pudding, and apply it thoroughly in my hair. The curly pudding really loosens the curl, and adds a shine and depth to my hair like no other product I've used before.  Give the curly pudding some time to absorb though because it leaves a white substance on your hair, that takes about 15 minutes to absorb.
The strands that are usually dull and dry are now ridiculously shiny and my curls have more of defined spiral look. I think this hair pudding is a must for all of us who wear fros because it makes the hair or at least my hair look more neat and pulled together.  My curls are much more defined and longer which is huge plus for me because usually I have to pull on my fro all day to keep the curls looking longer but no more.

So I give the curly pudding and the Sweet Back Treatment  5 stars.

Have you tried Miss Jessie's Products?

What other products do you think are worth talking about?

Cassie will be starting her own blog soon too, until then, please check her website out at

Thanks Cassie,




Dylana Suarez said...

Just came across your blog! It is lovely!

Charlene said...

you know, i used to use a whole lot of crap in my hair some years ago, until i saw a miss jessie's curly pudding mention in i think it was an Essence magazine...ever since i've found products just for my hair!!! I used miss jessie's for a long time, i use Curls now, i love both but I think i prefer Curls...ever since i started with Curls, i think my hair became smoother and prettier, could be the coconut milk etc in it...which I love...smells yummy!! And since Curls i haven't tried much of anything else, unless it was a drugstore gel just cuz it was readily available to me in JA!

Kandis said...

I know I'm months late, but I'm glad I found this blog. I've been using the curly meringue and I couldn't find any product that would take the dullness out of my hair I'm gonna try to Super sweet back treatment along side it!

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