Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Kicks Pimples to the Curb!

As you girls know, due to my pregnancy, my skin has been acting up badly. (Recently i finally got it in control, I'll reveal how, soon.)
Anyway, last week, a pimple erupted on my face that looked like it belonged in the  Guiness Book of World Records.
I'd heard great things about Mario Badescu products from many people, and decided to give one of their most popular products-Mario Badescu Dying lotion a try.
It's a pink color, very runny, -looks a lot like calamine lotion but when I looked at the ingredients it said that it included sulfur which I know is great for skin care.
Anyway, I applied it Monday night, by Tuesday morning, my pinple wasn't gone, but man, it was a lot smaller than it had been the night before.
The next night I applied again, and next morning, it was barely there.
Words can't express how impressed I am with this.
My only problem with this is the scent.
It reminds me a lot of Vick's Vapo Rub.
Other than that, this will be my secret weapon against pimples.
No wonder it has a cult following.

This get's beautylogic's stamp of approval.

It's even featured on Mario Badescu's Pregnancy Page here.

Have you tried Mario Badescu's products?

What are your favorites?

**this product was provided to beautylogic for editorial review**


dailypolish said...

i must admit this product is USELESS for my skin. i tried it for 16 weeks over a variety of breakouts and it never helped them in any way. it didn't make them worse...but it didn't help. i've found all mario badescu products (and i've sampled about 15) do nothing for my skin, they don't hurt it, they don't help it...i've just abandoned the brand altogether. it sucks because i heard such great things about them :(


beautylogicblog said...

@dailypolish so sorry to hear that hon. Last week, I had the biggest white head known to man, and it knocked it out within 2 days. I was so happy. (Whiteheads gross me out, i'm always tempted to pop them.) I hope you find something that works for you. Hugs,

GG said...

It's crazy how a product can work wonders on one person and be completely ineffective (or even detrimental) on another. I love Mario Badescu's products. Between Mario Badescu and the Clarisonic, my erupted, greasy pregnant skin has cleared UP! I still get occasional pimples but they go away within a couple days. I like the drying cream, drying lotion and buffering lotion.

Future Mama said...

I can't believe you only have a WEEK left!!! I'm so excited for you!!!

I'm going to have to try this stuff, my skin has gotten A LOT better as pregnancy has gone on but it's nice to have stuff for any skin emergencies!!

taylo292 said...

This is the only Mario Badescu product ive tried and it was recommended to me by another beauty addict and I love it! 2 nights of this on a huge pimple and its gone!!

taylo292 said...

This is the only Mario Badescu product Ive tried... but I love it! It was recommended to me by another beauty lover and I love it!!

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