Senna Cosmetics Lip Brights

How did you mamas spend your holiday weekend?

Can you believe I worked. 
I am so looking forward to my maternity leave.
I’ll have two weeks off before little man arrives so I’ve decided to pamper myself during those two weeks.

Anyway, let’s talk beauty.

During the makeup show, I was introduced to Senna’s Cosmetics lip glosses. I’d never tried anything from Senna, but had heard great things about their brushes, and their glosses, so I was happy to see a sample of  five of them in my bag. These 5 glosses came in an adorable quilted kit. I loved the miniature size of these. The fact that I can hold five of them in my bag without taking up a lot of room is great. Now, the colors are beautiful. This kit is called their Brights Kit. These are definitely sheer but the shades are stil visible when applied to the lips.  I love how long these last. Although my hair  doesn't stick to my lips when the wind blows, they are a little thicker than most glosses I've tried. I believe that's why they last so long (even after I drink my water).

Here are some swatches:

Siren is a beautiful peach shimmer.
Shiver is probably my favorite shade. It's a beautiful sparkly  muave sheer shade.
Blaze is a pinky shimmer
Awake a gorgeous apricot shimmer,
Mimosa-my second fave, a beautiful pinkish peach shimmer. Reflects beautifully in light.


All in all I would highly recommend these because
1) these colors are only available in the kit
2) 5 gorgeous minature glosses in a cute little bag, what else can you ask for?
3) All these colors rock my world.
My only quam is 5 miniature glosses for $35.00 is a bit much, but the fact that you don't have to constantly reapply is a huge plus.

For more info visit

BeautyLogic gives this an A-


Hell Notes for Beauty said...

awake looks really nice.

Pinch said...

These look very nice! My favourite is Awake =)

IP Lawyers Melbourne said...

great product, my friend has recommended this to me many times

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