Shine on- Jason Natural Apricot Conditioner

Since I’ve been pregnant, all of my body parts have betrayed me except one. My feet have become swollen. My skin hasn’t looked this bad since I was a teenager. My nose has become so big, it should have it’s own zip code, but my hair has never looked better.  I credit the pregnancy hormones, but I also credit the fact that I made sure my shampoos/conditioners were on the natural side. I didn’t want parabens near my hair. One conditioner that I’ve been using for the last two  weeks, and I  actually really like is  Jason’s Natural Apricot Shine. 

This is a pretty thick conditioner. It contains nourishing oils like apricot and jojoba. When I first applied, I noticed that it didn’t detangle my hair as well as I wanted it too. I like conditioners that leave my hair tangle free, and this didn’t do that. However, when I rinsed  it out, the shine my hair emitted was ridiculous. It was practically gleaming. Since I’ve taken to swimming every morning, I apply this before I get in the pool. (If you are going into the pool, make sure you apply a  conditioner before hand so that the chlorine doesn’t penetrate ino your hair) and my hair still has its mojo! Seriously the shine to my hair is no joke and I love the fact that this product contains no parabens.

Update: I just noticed that this contains Retinal Palmitate towards the end of the ingredients so if you in the early stages of pregnancy, you may want to ask your doc about this.

#product was provided by pr for editorial review.


Mendy Puckett said...

Glad to see you are still blogging! Congrats on the pregnancy. :]

I'm looking forward to reading more on here!

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