Kick Acne to the Curb With The Lancer Method

Hey guys, today's post comes from one of my close friends Sophia. This woman is a gorgeous Portugese mama who was suffering from acne in her twenties. I love Sophia. She's the sweetest most beautiful person alive. Here's what she used that really helped her skin. 

"Remember when you were 10 and had the best skin ever? Remember how you didn’t know to appreciate it until you got your first pimple? Well, did I ever get a wakeup call at the age of 24 when I thought I should put 10% benzoyl peroxide on my face to clean up a few left over pimples! Over the next week my face would resemble a mountain range similar to the Alps. It was like they were all trying to compete with each other on who could be redder and who could rise up the most. All I could feel on my cheeks were bumps – and those guys hurt! They were all cystic acne pimples that I knew wouldn’t go away for a long time. But guess what?! I KEPT USING THE PRODUCT! My na├»ve brain thought, “Wow, this product is really flushing out my face from all the crap that’s hidden underneath! I have to wait this out, because it’ll be so worth it!” Well 3 weeks later it wasn’t worth it and I wanted out big time. I felt like I had to start every conversation with a disclaimer saying, “It’s ok to look, they’re normally not there I promise." 
                                            Before The Lancer Method

Luckily Lady DE is just a phone call away, so I poured my heart out and she heard my cries of desperation. She told me she had these products just for my problem from this well-known dermatologist, Dr. Lancer. I immediately looked him up and started my research. I couldn’t wait to get started with his 3 step system, The Lancer Method. I mean, if all of Beverly Hills and Hollywood flock to him then I knew I’d be in good hands! The first step is the Polish, which is a gentle exfoliating scrub made with minerals from the Dead Sea. The scrub feels like you’re washing your face with really fine sand and you can really feel that dead skin is just being polished right off. It has a great fresh smell that makes your skin feel super clean. The next part is the Cleanser, which should be used twice daily. It has these little yellow beads that just wipe your skin of all your makeup and other buildup, but it also doesn’t dry out your skin whatsoever! That was my favorite part because in the past my skin can barely stretch after I wash it. Finally you prize your skin a little more by using the Repair AM/PM lotion. It feels thick when you squeeze it out, but not so, my friends, it really does its job. So what’s the verdict?! My skin has no bumps after almost 2 weeks!! Ok, well maybe I have like 4 left, but my major concern now is all the red marks that are still on fire. It’s been too short to really see the complete change so I’ll keep on polishing, cleansing, and repairing and update you guys again! If Dr. Lancer products helped the bumps that quickly I’m sure it’ll help the scars these suckers left behind." 

                                              After almost 2 weeks of The Lancer Method

Wow Sophia What a difference, and only after a little less than two weeks.
The Lancer Method is serious business.

If you suffer from acne, this may be a solution for you.
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