I had a dream last night that Scott Barnes, Sam Fine and Tia Dantzler were all fighting to do my makeup.  I had my pick of the three best makeup artist  in the world. Scott was pulling one of my arms, Sam was pulling the other, and Tia was pulling my legs, all fighting to beat my face with their makeup magic!! Sadly, my newborn woke me up screaming for his 4am feeding and I have no idea how my dream ended. I hope the dream resumes tonight, or maybe even during my naptime. (Do dreams ever resume though or is that only in the movies? )

Anyway, I was taking Lil man out to meet a friend yesterday when I picked up my Lancome Ageless Minerale Blush with White Sapphire Complex in Brilliant Berry. I was a little nervous to apply because the color looked so pigmented in the jar. But once I brushed this  blush on my cheeks, it was love at first application.

This gorgeous blush gives my cheeks a beautiful light pink flush. I get the same flush after a great workout except Lancome’s blush contains a hint of shimmer. On bronze skin, the effect this blush has is out of this world! The powder is very pigmented and seriously, one swoop of the brush will leave your cheeks with a good amount of product so apply with a light hand.  The shimmer is not overbearing at all and this shade would be perfect for the day. Seriously this product left my cheeks with a pretty healthy flush  and glowing.  I’m also loving that this product is  Fragrance free, oil-free, talc-free and safe for sensitive skin.

 I am absolutely in love with this blush.

What’s your favorite blush at the moment?

What blushes do you think look gorgeous on bronze skin?

Item provided by lancome for review. 


Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Very pretty color.

Sequins and Lace said...

Sounds like a beautiful dream, I hope it resumes so we too can find out the ending!

the beautynista said...

Looks good! I like Iman's Afterglow

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