New Zoya Flash & Sparkle Collection Giveaway Four Winners

First of all, I'd like to say The winner of the Lancer Method, Airess, has yet to come forward. If I do not hear from you today, this prize will go to someone else. The winner of the Lancome Summer Collection, Jennifer, has not come forward either, if I don't hear from you today, the prize goes to someone else. The Winner of the John Masters Organics collections is Jessica. Please respond by tomorrow or we will give this to someone else. Ok, here is my last giveaway.

Guess what, it's for Four winners.

Two winners will get the Zoya Sparkle Collection

I reviewed the gorgeous collection here

And Two winners will get the Zoya Flash Collection:

I reviewed that stunning collection here

Four winners will win. Just input your name, email, and give me a short response on why you read beautylogic or  if you don't read, why you don't. I love honesty. Winner gets announced Tomorrow.

This contest is open only to USA residents.




Angela said...

I would like to enter. I read Beauty Logic because I like your perspective on beauty and motherhood. Although I am not a mother, you show me you don't have to give up on your beauty to be a good mother.

Anonymous said...

Tricia said: I read cause I enjoy the hair tips and recommendations..I so hope I really win.

Anonymous said...

Tricia said: I read cause I enjoy the hair tips and recommendations..I so hope I really win.

Chrissy said...

Christina (

I read BeautyLogic because you give honest reviews. You have NO problem saying you like OR dislike a place and why. You give details about the place and even give names (which I love). Although I live in MD, I still appreciate your reviews of salons, products and services.

ceecee ( said...

I've read BeautyLogic for a long time. I'm not a faithful commenter, but I do read silently. I like that even though you are primarily a beauty blog, you also write about other subjects that catch your attention at the given time from motivational topics to celeb interviews and your youtube videos were amazing. I've become addicted to Coconut oil and massaging my scalp each night before bed thanks to you.

Jill said...

I read BeautyLogic because I love all things Glam!

Lady G. & Cynz said...

I know its too late to enter I just want to say that ZOYA nail polishes are by fair THEE BEST! So whatever lucky winner is chosen, they are just flat out LUCKY!!!! The application is effortless, it does not get clumpy and gooky, the colors are so vibrant and there is a large amount of colors to choose from. How fun.

Anonymous said...

At first,I thought your blog was not for a mother of two kids (going crazy chasing after those two, always looking tired and messy). But the more I read, the more I realized that your blog made me feel like I wanted to take care of my self -I deserve some pampering!- and I fell in love with your blog. I was excited when you got pregnant because I thought that you'll balance being a mom, wife and woman really well.
Although I never comment, I wanted to say that your blog is amazing.

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