Protect Your Hair with Rene Furterer Protective Summer Oil KPF 90

DE  on Sunday(I'm sticking my post pregnancy pouch in big time)

The last few days in New York have been insanely hot. On Sunday  my bestest  and I were enjoying the weather by  hanging out by the pool and just having a day of girl talk, guacamole,  chips, and fruit.  Mr. DE was watching Lil Man because he knows that Sunday, mommy needs a break.  Anyway, the sun was blazing down on us and you know my skin had some major SPF on. But, you girls know how I feel about my tresses. She's my other best friend. I was protecting her too from the  sun by using Renee Furterer Suncare Waterproof Nutritive Oil KPF 90.

That's right, my hair had some sunscreen on it  too. Renee Furterrr has created the first sun protection system for the hair. The sun can really damage your tresses, making them dry, and rough.  The KPF 90 is proven to block 90% of UV rays on the hair as it prevents salt and chlorine from depositing on the hair too. All you have to do is apply once and it will protect the hair all day from the sun's harmful rays. With this horribly hot NY weather, my hair needs all the protection it can get.

Have you tried Renee Furterer products before?

Have you tried the Suncare system?

How do you protect your hair from the sun?




icosmeticRN said...

you look great out there! I had no idea there was sunscreen for hair..thanks for letting us know..although with work and school..I am only outside to go to my day soon I wil be able to relaxe outside..btw whay I love your blog..i was a stalker for some time but I offically subscribed I know when you

Anonymous said...

You are looking ultra hot!! Your skin skin is something ridiculous too gorgeous..

Phyllis Bourne said...

Looking fantastic, Mama!

I'm like a vampire during the summer. I don't come out until sundown.

angie said...

You look fantastic. I really hope i look that good after i have my baby.

Natakue said...

Pregnancy pouch where? You look amazing!

I've used the Furterer Complexe 5 in the past but since it wasn't consistent, I can't give a full review. I used it as a preshampoo treatment.

BonafideLatina~ said...

You look sooo cute here :)
And please girl what pouch! I'm sure you are back at where you were...thx for review.

I've used the Rene Furterer Complexe 5 Regenerating Extract and it feels great on the scalp...I want to try the other products..

Rebecca said...

where did you get your suit? it's so cute!

icosmeticRN said...

BTW..I also just wanted to tell you that you won an award on my blog!! I love your blog..thanks for all you do!!

CC said...

You look great! Good suggestion, I am going to try this product. Honestly, haven't really thought about protecting my hair in the sun.


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