Boscia Luminizing Black Mask Masque

Last night, my new neighbors rang my doorbell.
I was deep in the midst of a nap, and ran to the door thinking it was hubby.
This is what they saw when I opened it.

I had forgotten I had invited them over.
I also had forgotten I still had Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask on my face.
I forget everything now.
Anyway, that didn’t work out that great ( since their 4 year old  screamed bloody murder when he saw me, and now thinks I’m the boogey monster).
(Talk about traumatizing)
Although that experience was unfortunate, my experience with the Boscia mask was pretty good.
It’s an incredibly thick clay black mask and I mean Black. It looks as if I applied shiny black leather to my face.
You’re supposed to apply a thick amount which I did. 
You’re also supposed to only leave it on for 15 minutes. 
Which I didn’t. 
Because of my nap, I actually had it on for close to an hour and  a half. Make sure you don't put it near the eye area, or around hair on your face. (Believe me, peeling it off hair is not fun.)
Boscia says this masque reduces hyperpigmentation, absorbs oil and toxins. It also contains ingredients like Vitamin C (brightens skin tone), Calcium Montmorillonite  which is a natural clay from France that contains 67 minerals that absorb excess oil, dirt and toxins from the skin.
Although this mask is a peel off masque, it didn’t peel off evenly.
Nonetheless, I found after peeling this masque off, my skin was a little red but  INCREDIBLY SMOOTH, like a baby’s bottom. (Believe me, with all the diaper changes I’m doing, I know exactly how smooth a baby’s bottom feels.) Although my pores didn’t seem to have changed, my skin did seem brighter, and again I couldn’t believe how smooth it was.
Have you tried this masque?

What were your thoughts?



Product provided by pr for review. 


Sherry said...

wow this mask I don't know if here got. but I see most peel off mask I buy turn out cannot peel off and so hard to wash or wipe off.

Product Junkie Diva said...

I haven't tried it but I've seen ads for it. Now after your review, I will pick it up.

Calming said...

I've never tried this mask. I did try one the other day that I will blog about next week.

Miss Mandii said...

Hmmm, interesitng! Now I'm curious to try it!!

justicefighter said...

Hmm DE, I might have to try this masque out. Where can we pick this up at? Sephora?

Kristie said...

Your post is hilarious and cute. I'm curious about this product so might pick it up in the future to try out. Thanks for the review :)

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