Danessa Myricks -Interview MakeUp Artist & Win her DVD The Art of Contouring

When Sam Fine recently recommended on twitter, makeup artist Danessa Myricks instructional  DVD's you know I had to get the inside scoop on her. Known for her amazing makeup artistry and her wonderful classes, Danessa Myricks is a very busy woman. So I was incredibly happy when she agreed to answer some of beautylogic's questions, and agreed to do a giveaway with us for one of her fabulous DVD's The Art of Contouring. So without further ado, let's meet Danessa.

1) How did you get started with makeup?
For my entire life I have always believed that my purpose in this world would be that of service to others. Although I felt that purpose I really did not know how it would manifest itself. I spent most of my adult life serving a boss in corporate America. I did my best work and enjoyed the privilege of climbing the corporate ladder. Time and time again after reaching the top of my career path the rug was suddenly pulled from under me. Be it corporate downsizing or the economy, after years of great work I was always forced to start again. My last corporate position was as a VP of marketing at a publishing company. I spent years learning the business and growing with the company only to find my self faced yet again with "corporate restructuring".

I was basically out of work again and collecting unemployment. I knew right away that I wanted to take the path of ownership because I wanted to be in control of my destiny. As a single mother with two children I had no time to waste in the decision making process so I looked to what was closest to me.

In my last position we did many photo shoots for our magazines. I knew that we often hired hair and makeup talent both good and not so good and at the end of the day everyone got paid. Since going to school for a year to learn hair was not an option, I picked makeup as a way to create instant income for myself and figured that I could learn on the job and earn money in the process. I did not have any previous training beyond playing with my own makeup so I decided to research makeup artists who were considered "greats". I purchased 2 books, "Fine Beauty" and "Making Face". I simply studied the pictures and learned what great makeup looked like. I then called everyone I knew and asked them to give me an opportunity. A wedding was the first opportunity given to me by a friend. The day before the wedding I cashed my unemployment check for that week, ran to Walgreens, and purchased a handful of Black Opal Foundation, some pencils, sponges, a few lip glosses, and eye shadow trios. I was really nervous but somehow I made it through. The client was happy and that wedding lead to other referrals.

I worked for free for a while to build my skill and get pictures and then started to get paid a couple of hundred dollars for the day. By the end of my first year I did my first be commercial job with Luster products and the rest is history.

2) What are some makeup trends that will be popular in the fall?
Strong Brows
Multidimensional Eye Looks
Smoldering gold, copper and brown eyes
Glitter on the eyes and lips
Berry lip stains
Orangey/red lip tones

3) Is there a certain product that you think is flattering on all skin tones and types?
Everyone looks great in a smoky eye and pale lips. 
Lashes are also a gal's best friend. Everyone looks beautiful with lashes and lipgloss!

4) What 5 products are always in Danessa' s makeup bag?
Cover FX Foundation
Mac Brow Pencils
Imakeyoubeautiful.com Glitter Eye Pods
Matte Neutral toned shadows
Black Liner

5) What is the biggest mistake you see women making with their makeup?
Trying to force one color of foundation to work over their entire face.  Skin will generally have multiple tones, darker on the edges and brighter throughout the t zone area. When you use one shade of foundation, the tone of the makeup is not a great fit in one or more parts of the face.

6) What other makeup artist have you admired. 
Like most makeup artists I have always admired Sam Fine, Kevyn Aucion, Billy B, Roxanna Floyd and Pat McGrath

7) Tell me a quick make up tip?
Make your eye shadow last around the clock by basing all of your shadow colors with a creme color base.

8) What beauty advice can you give us?
Be true to yourself and your personality. Don’t be a slave to trends. They don’t always work for everybody especially of it is not within your comfort zone

9) What life advice can you give us?
Live your life in service of others. Always remember that you can get whatever you want in life as long as you help enough other people get what they want.

10) What is in your makeup bag that is under $10.00
I Envy By Kiss Lashes and Adhesive
Ruby Kisses Eyeshadows
Ruby Kisses Lip gloss
Kiss New York 24 hour Luxury Liners

11) What are 3 makeup items that come from the drugstore that you think are just as good as high-end products?
All of the items in my answer to question #11. Kiss products are very well thought out and very well made. Much of their cosmetics are made in Germany which is known for pumping out some of the top beauty products in the industry

12) What makeup item do you think every woman should use and why? Whether it be mascara, gloss. 
Wearing a great coat of mascara is the perfect way to instantly wake up the face and give it a little lift . 

13) What is you favorite feature to emphasize on a woman? 
If I had my choice to always wear or apply makeup on one feature I would always choose the eyes. They make the biggest statement. Eyes tell an instant story. They are intoxicating! Eyes are also the one feature that you can effortlessly use to recreate yourself a million times over.

14) What advice can you give to someone who wants to become a makeup artist, but doesn't know where to begin. 
Find a makeup artist that inspires you and does the things that you see yourself doing then walk directly in their footsteps. The fantastic thing that we all have in our reach right now is a path that has been trail blazed by someone else. Follow their path until you find your own way. 

Secondly, Never be afraid to volunteer. It will be your best teacher.

15) What gave you the courage to leave the industry you were in, and take over the makeup world. 
I love this question. I’m not sure that I have taken over the makeup world but I am certainly aspiring to leave a memorable mark!  One thing that was said to me that I will never forget is that if you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got. I know what my part looked and felt like. I wanted a different result. I wanted to control my destiny. For me the challenge of pursuing a career in makeup was a necessity and it has proven to be the biggest and best career decision I have made in my entire life.
Danessa will be teaching at :
Bronner Brothers International Hair Show in Atlanta GA Aug 6-10.
On Sunday there will be "A day with Danessa" This is a day of free look and learn education.

Bennet Career Institute, Washington DC 8/22
Contours and Finishes 8 hour hands on Boot Camp

Eyes Eyebrow & Eyelashes 8 Hour Hands on Bootcamp Oct 10th NYC
Thanks Danessa for your great answers. We love you here.

You can win a copy of Danessa's DVD
The Art of Contouring by just entering a comment here or emailing me "I need to learn to Contour by Danessa". Winner gets announced on Monday, August 9.

 Danessa thanks for this. You're wonderful. 




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I would like to enter this giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!

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Thank you for this interview - It was very insightful. I've always wanted to know more about how I could achieve on myself the polished look contouring provides - so this book would be a great teacher.

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I need to learn to Contour by Danessa!!!

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