Hair Rules Salon Really Does Rule for Curly Hair!

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I have coarse dry unruly unkind hair. I have used most if not close to all the products on the market for natural kinky hair. I did my big chop off last November and have been so frustrated with the up keep of my hair that I was about to go back to a relaxers. However, I was asked to try out the salon Hair Rules to see if their before and after pictures on line are true,  and if the beautiful spirals on the site can actually be had by a girl with hair like mine. I thought my hair could never look like the " after pictures" on the site, but in the end, I was wrong.

Dickey (owner of Hair Rules) is amazing when it comes to kinky afro-ish hair and is brilliant when it comes to all types of  curls and hair texture (from Sarah Jessica Parker curly to Afro Puffs curly). The best thing about him is that he evaluates each customer’s head of hair. You do not get your hair done here with out a consultation. To me it was more like therapy. He asked me about my hair and I said “I have African American hair..” and he stops me cold and says, “ No Africa is a continent with many different hair textures you have kinky good hair”. I was in shock. My natural hair has been called many things but “good hair” is not one of them.

We begin in his beautiful ultra fab, modern salon. At the sink bowl, he washes my hair with his Hair Rules No Suds Daily Cleansing Cream. He tells me that my hair can be drenched in water every day. He says curly hair need moisture and water and great conditioner is the way! Who knew! I was always told water was the enemy. The great thing about Dickey is he brings in facts where myths have been in the past. He then followed that with his amazing conditioner Quench! I think my hair had an orgasm. All of a sudden my curls were already starting to look spirally and much more defined. I was so excited he let me go look in the mirror, and then after he whispered in my ear “you have good hair”. I could have cried. I never thought of myself as having issues about my hair, but hello, who doesn’t especially if you are a black woman. It is so rare to see natural black hair being prized in the media. However because of some artist like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and India Ari to name a few they changed the covers of magazine because it is difficult to control singing artist images. And so then girls like me think hey! Maybe I can be fine with out a chemical!

Ok! Back to my hair after he washed out my hair he added his Hair Rules Nourishment Leave in Conditioner…OMG! Nothing makes my hair feel silky smooth but this leave in did, again, I almost cried!! His assistant flat ironed my hair so he could trim my ends. He says this is the best way to get a more exact trim and cut for us curlies. Afterwards, we went back to the soap bowl again wet my hair and added the miraculous Hair Rules Curly Whip and Bam! There were my curls, they were long and spiral, my hair that usually is just a dry fro had defined spirals. He made me get up and shake my hair to loosen up the curls a bit more and so I can see how fabulously glamorous my new curls look. Afterwards he put me under the dryer for about 15 minutes and voila I was beautiful with my new curls.

The truth is Dickey over at Hair Rules deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for curly hair. Madame C J Walker gave us the potion to make our hair straight, but Dickey gave us our pride and self esteem by giving us a potion to embrace our roots. We all really do have “Good Hair” we’ve just all been using Bad Products.

Hair Rules Salon

828 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10019-5587
(212) 315-2929
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Alana said...

looks good!

Special K said...

Your hair looks GREAT!!! I was just talking to my friend saying that my curls aren't defined and I think its due to me not combing my hair out properly. However, I'm interested in going to a natural hair salon that understands the importance of healthy hair. I hope its not TMI but was the visit on the expensive side meaning $80 plus.I'd definitely be willing to travel and make an appt. Anyways, happy you had a great experience.

KMP (Keep Me Posted) Blog said...

Wow the before and after pics do make a difference!! Your hair came out amazing. Looks very healthy, shiny, not dry, just gorgeous!! I love the results!!

justicefighter said...

Great post! Thanks DE for allowing this guest blogger to post. I might stop in and treat myself when I visit NYC this winter:)

Sugar + Spice (AzĂșcar and Especia) said...

While ur hair is Gorgeous- your Face and your skin are BEAUTIMOUS!!

You are such a PRETTY girl and I am glad you now feel that way about your hair~ U had that all along :)

Fiona said...

totally off topic but amc was playing Inside Man this weekend and you were in it. YOU played DENZEL'S WIFE!!! i love denzel!! you were great in that role too.

Calming said...

Great post, her hair looks great. It looks very healthy.

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