It's a 10 Miracle Styling Serum

I’ve decided to name my hair.
Don’t look at me that way.
She’s thick, full, and gorgeous.
Especially since I started drinking my morning smoothie.
She deserves a name.
So we’ll call her Linette.
Because I love that name.
And that’s my favorite character on Desperate Housewives.
Recently I was a bad girl and I made Linette sleep on cotton pillows
Instead of silk ones.
My silk ones were dirty and darnit, I ws too tired to wash them.
(You would be too with a newborn. )
When Linette awoke from her slumber, she wasn’t feeling her usual shiny bright self.
She looked dull and all over the place.

Step in It’s a 10 Miracle  Styling Serum.

It’s a 10 claims to do 10 things for your hair.
1)    Add shine
2)     Control Frizz
3)    Seal the Cuticle
4)    Nourish the Hair
5)    No Build Up
6)    Resist Humidity
7)    Smoothes the Hair
8)    Protect the color
9)    Alcohol Free
10) Creates Slip (What the hell is ‘create slip?”)

Anyway, after I applied this to Linette, she was feeling a lot better.
She was  gleaming with shine and her cowlicks were in control.
This serum really does add some major shine to the hair, and when I applied, it smoothed out a lot of my stray hairs too.
All in all I like it.  

Have you tried It’s a 10 products?

What were your thoughts?

We may do a giveaway soon for some of these.



product provided by pr for review


icosmeticRN said...

haha..great post...I love the whole name ur hair thing..that was clever!! I mean why not...guys name their cars and "other" things too! lol I like to use the Paul Mitchell super skinny serum..but this looks haor is long and thick like urs so it may just work well for me

Nicole said...

haha this post was hilarious!

I like the name Linette >.<

I think we all should name our hair, men name their.... lol

Natakue said...

I think "slip" is the slippery feeling a lot of people look for in their products that makes detangling and styling your hair much easier. The more slip a product has, the less friction your hair experience...therefore less breakage and knots. My conditioners must have this or it's a no go.

BonafideLatina~ said...

I like the 10Miracle products....they work great. Elia Salon uses the leave in when doing rolos.

I never saw the serum...good to know about it though.

Say hi to Linette! ;)

livelovethinkgolden said...

I am currently using the miracle leave-in conditioner and I love it! Never tried the serum...thats next on my list!

Kim @ COLOURES mag said...

OMG You're so adorable! Linette is such a cute name.

calming said...

This is awesome, love the name. I've not tried the product but will keep it in mind!

Anonymous said...

Im a hairstylist, and I use these products religiously. They are amazing. They've helped my hair so much when I've pushed it the brink and cut it short then grew it out. They're amazing. I love the leave in condition plus keratin. I use all their products. The only complaint I have is being allergic to the clogs up my throat.. but great products, I'm sure you'll love them all.

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