Pacifica California Star Jasmine Fragrance Rocks My World



Pacifica is one of those companies that always seem to get scents right. I own most of their fragrances, and not only are they natural and vegan, but they are always long lasting, and for the most part, usually smell exactly like their description. So when I read about the newest fragrance California Star Jasmine which is described as " a love note to the Southern California neighborhood where she grew up. This sunny perfume blends the laid-back beauty of jasmine with the subtle earthiness of driftwood freshly washed onto the shore. Bright notes of orange playfully emerge at the top" You know I had to get my hands on it!

I’m a huge fan of anything jasmine scented. So the combination sounded like a dream, and it surely was. It’s such a fresh and natural scent. It doesn’t remind me of Cali. (I’ve never been. I was supposed to go my senior year in college, but my girlfriends and I ended up going to Miami instead.) However,  when I apply this, it does bring back memories of the time I spent on the white sandy beaches of Mexico. Where the water is bluer than the sky and the wind seems to blow at a perfect speed.  I love the added citrus notes to this as well.  It gives such a great kick to the fragrance. All in all the combination is a dream, and I believe this will be my HG shade for the rest of the summer. 

 Have you tried Pacifica scents?

What were your thoughts?




Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey DE
I haven't checked out the scents from this company but I have certainly seen them on store shelves so I may have to pick it up!

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