The last two weeks have been a mess.  One night  I'll sleep for an hour, the next for two, the next for one, etc etc. I got to sleep six hours one day and that was a treat. My newborn is so adorable but a lot of work. Needless to say, the dark circles are coming. I had stopped using under eye treatments because honestly I was just so tired and as soon as he falls a sleep, I fall a sleep right along with him without caring about a thing.

Fast forward to three days ago when I got a call that could change my life and I needed to be somewhere in two hours. When I looked at myself, I realized, “Man I look like crap.”  My dark circles were pretty darn obvious at this point. I tried my usual under eye concealer, and my dark circles basically laughed at it. Then I remembered my Time Balm The Balm Concealer. I had lost it a few days ago in my house (it comes in such a small container) but I  had been way too exhausted to look for it. I went crazy searching for it, and finally found it.  Anyway, after applying under my right eye, I was in shock. The balm is creamy and the application was very smooth. After comparing my right eye to my left, the coverage was insane. My right under eye area looked like I had slept 8 hours straight for my whole life, and my left under eye area looked like I was half-dead. The coverage was amazing.  The application was a breeze, and it lasted the whole day without looking cakey on me. I was very impressed with this, and it will be a staple for my under eye area area. I also love the fact that this contains vitamins that are beneficial for the skin. However, not sure if I would wear to cover my pimples, as I do notice it contains soybean oil. All in all for my under eye area, nothing compares. 



Product provided by pr for review. 


Calming said...

Never tried this but I need some didn't know where to look. Oh making your smoothies so yummy and lost 4lbs. THANK YOU!


California Girl said...

Great Product...Does magic. :)

-California Girl

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