Collective WellBeing Hair Care Is a Win!

With lil man, it’s so hard to take Linette out to get done.
If you don’t know who Linette is,
 it’s the name I gave my hair.
Yes I named my hair! 
Stop looking at me that way.
Around 2 weeks ago,
I tried to get Linette all dolled up
By taking her to a salon.
I had no other choice but to take
Lil Man
and let’s just say
by the end of the three hours,
And Lil Man screaming Bloody Murder for two and a half  hours,
The salon was more than happy to see me go.
So lately I’ve been taking care of Linette myself.
                                                Me at home taking care of Linette 

I actually am pretty good at making her look fabulous on my own.
I think I do a better job than the salons.
You know that I only like to use the best products on her.
Recently I got my hands on Collective Well Being Hair Care
The shampoo is called Right to Shine Moisturizing Shampoo.
This contains ingredients like Aloe Vera, LLipe Nut, and other vitamins for the hair.
Of Course No Sulfates, Yuke!
The conditioner which I think is the real stand out of the two is called Quick Fix
I love this conditioner and Linette does too. It contains Camelia Oil, Amino Acids , Vitamin B5, really nourishing ingredients for  Linette. It detangles like crazy, and leaves my hair incredibly smooth, and oh so shiny. I’m obsessed with the conditioner.
I love the fact that a portion of the proceeds of Collective Wellbeing go to making our world more beautiful.

Have you tried Collective WellBeing Products

What were your thoughts?

You can order them here.  




Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

I feel that I also do a better job at home than the salon. Love your dryer! on my wishlist for christmas a new dryer that actually dries the whole head!

Chaunda said...

Hi DE,

Your hair dryer looks serious. Where did you get it?

I have a 9 month old little boy, and I have the same issue - no time to go to the salon! I'd love to have a really good dryer at home.

I agree with you on being able to do your own hair better than the salon. I have always felt that way about my hair. :)

Your little boy is adorable!

beautylogicblog said...

@chaunda hey i ordered it on amazon a while back. thanks, i think he's cute too.

salwar kameez said...

Thanks for this information. Now a days many people have this problem..

Exceptionn'Elle said...

I've never tried this products but the result on your hair is stupendous !

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