Come Meet Us!

Hey guys,

Is it your dream to meet me?
Have you dreamed of  the day where one day we would share the same air?
Have you begged and prayed to God that one day, you would finally be able to shake my hand?
Probably not. lol
But if you girls have nothing to do on Thursday and live in or near New York City, it would be my honor and pleasure to meet you!
Here's where I'll be along with some other amazing bloggers and my fab editor Cassandra Freeman.
Click on the invite to enlarge. 

Also if you sign in when we meet, you'll have the chance to win a gift bag donated by Georgia loaded with their fabulous beauty products.
I hope you can stop by and say hi.
I promise to give you a big hug.




BonafideLatina~ said...

Sounds fun!!! If I wasn't traveling for work I'd be there!!! ENJOY!

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