Crest 3D White Strips Professional Effects Are Amazing!

Growing up, I had braces from 3rd grade to 8thgrade. Yea, that was hell. But what was even worse was after my braces came off, although my teeth were straight, they were not white at all. Years of metal on my teeth, had left them just a slight shade above brown (yes that's how bad it was). I got teased endlessly due to the color of my teeth, and it was during my freshman year in high school when I discovered a tooth whitener that changed my yellow choppers to movie star white ones. I used that whitener for close to seven years. After the seven years, my teeth were insanely white and I constantly got compliments on my smile. However for the last few years, I haven’t really been using teeth whiteners on a regular basis. The last few months, I haven’t been using them at all which isn’t a good thing considering, I subsist on coffee because of my lil man’s sleeping patterns. 

                                 Before Crest White Strips

Recently, I needed my teeth to be WHITE, movie star White because of an important meeting (yes the same meeting I've been talking about my last few posts). I looked up my old tooth whitener, and it’s no longer being manufactured. I had seen those Crest White Strip commercials with that gorgeous bride about to get married who needed her teeth whitened, and the other commercial she did where she’s getting set up on a date and needed her teeth whitened, and when she needed to go on an audition and needed her teeth whitened.  Although I normally don’t follow commercials, when I began reading the reviews on websites about the Crest White Strips, I was convinced. So I decided to give it a try. OMG, this stuff works. First of all, the convenience of this product is amazing. It’s two gel strips one for the bottom teeth and the top teeth. You apply them to your teeth and leave them on for 30 minutes.  I can still talk, drink,  do pretty much everything with this stuff on. I began using this on Monday, by Thursday my teeth were a remarkably different shade. These are my choppers the day of my event after only three days.  I’m talking major white. Just in time for that important day. 

For $50.00 you’re getting dentist strength teeth whitening for less. This is a must have.
My only problem with this item is the bottom strip is way too short. It should be the same size as the top strip. Otherwise, I'm loving this. 

Do I recommend it?



Priscilla said...

I know this is a little late, but I've tried theseand they are fantastic!

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