Foxy Fit Mommy-How I've been losing my pregnancy weight


Are you girls looking at my pic and thinking “Milly, I know you said you weren’t a fashionista, but come on, aluminum suits are sooooooo 1970’s”
Actually this is my sauna suit. I wear this about twice a week when I run. When Mr. Milly was in college, he was an athlete. He would often have to cut his weight down and one way he would do this is by wearing a sauna suit, and working out with it. The result; he would lose tons of weight with it on in a short amount of time. I now wear one when I’m running as well. Not during all my workouts, usually I'll only work out with this about twice a week. This suit will have you sweating ridiculous amounts. I mean RIDICULOUS. The sweat will be dripping all over the floor (not very sexy).  A lot of female wight is water weight and this helps get rid of it as well of other toxins in your body. Now many people say after using this you gain the weight back quickly but I think if you’re a sensible eater that isn’t true. I think in any weight loss plan if you start eating crappy, you’ll gain it back. So this is one way I’ve been losing my weight. I purchased my sweat suit at tj maxx for $8 bucks.

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor, or a  medical professional. I barely passed my Advanced Placement Chemistry class that my mom made me take in high school.   This is just what works for me so don’t blame me or sue me if it doesn’t work for you.




Shuggie said...

I haven't seen one of them suits since I was a kid! - I didn't think they still made them. Thanks for letting us know where to get one.

pigmentedpretty said...

you could be a stunt double for that puffy and ma$e video! :) i admire your efforts to lose the pregnancy weight. i thought you looked FAB right after you had the little man. good luck w/ achieving your goals!

Anonymous said...

I was looking at one just the other day, wasn't sure if I should get it. Now seeing you use it I defo will...Cheers Milly..x

Cerisa "Bronze Goddess" said...

I was wondering if these worked or not when I spotted this at walmart. Thanks for the review!

Bronze Goddess Beauty

Julie Zhu said...

I don't know a good place to buy a sauna suit. Where did you get yours?

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