Georgia NY Salon & Boutique Review

Hey guys 
Before Georgia
Last time we met, I had natural hair  However,  as an actress, my look must change often for certain roles, so this time my hair is back to relaxed. Now let's get to my review. It can be challenging work to find the perfect product for your hair. And if your hair is curly, wavy, or kinky there is a store catered to fit your needs. Yes this gem of a boutique located in soho should be called curl girl heaven, but instead it is named delightfully Georgia! Like “Great Georgia My, my hair is fabulous!!

Georgia is a curly girls Sephora. No more going from store to store trying to decide which label will truthfully bring less frizz to your locks or which brand will give you springier curls, now a whole store just for you, whether you are all natural or relaxed this store will literally quench your hair needs! And also another great perk of going to this store is that Georgia has there own yummy lines of moisturizers and fun bath stuff for your skin. This place is a one stop shop for your head to your toes, and you may even see a unique purse or jewerly that no one else in the world could have. I love Georgia for that!! You can buy the coolest and unique items for your body and your home!
But there is more! Georgia also has an amazing salon, and so you know yours truly had to test it out, and Im not surprised that I left looking awesome! Their beuticians are hair mixologist! They feel and look at your hair and apply a mix of different products so your hair can achieve ultimate shine and softness! And while your getting your hair done, listen to cool relaxing music from Stevie Wonder, India Ari to Maxwell and on top of it all they give you complimentary wine, you see, I told you it was heaven!!

Sharntai, was the beautiful woman to style my hair, I knew from the moment I saw her, she would do some magic on my hair. She used a mixture of products from Lanza Healing Strength “Silk Serum”, Lanza Straight Line Smoothing ShampooLanza Healing Color Care Trauma Treatment, PhtoSpecific Vital force Crème Bath and Jane Carter Wrap and Roll. This was the first time I ever had Lanza products used on my hair, and I must say my hair has never felt so silky. Sharntai, used two different sized flat irons, and made my hair curl like Dorothy Dandrige.

After Georgia worked their magic
If you're in Soho, or if you are far away, stop by, call, email do what you must for your curly locks. The wonderful boutique of Georgia is waiting to unlock happy days and nights for your curls!

89 E Houston St
New York, NY 10012-2805
(646) 827-2428

Service provided for editorial review


Cassie Freeman
follow me on twitter @cassiefree


Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Cassie
OMG your hair looks fab. I MUST visit this place!

Shuggie said...

Thank you for doing this review, I'd been curious about Georgia for quite a while. Inspires me to pay them a visit. Your after hair looks so glam - she did a great job.

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