Glowology Opulent Body Butter & Winners of Giveaway!

I’m always on the hunt for a good body moisturizer. Because I’m a brown woman, when my skin is less than moisturized the dryness is very noticeable, especially on my legs.  I remember around three weeks ago I was going to an event. I had on this gorgeous yellow dress,  4 inch stiletos, I thought I looked pretty good, until my girlfriend remarked that my legs were so ashy it looked as if I had just finished kicking flour. (whatever!) Nothing is unsexier than a woman whose legs are so dry that ash is clearly present.   I’ve tried tons of lotions, creams, body butters that claim they leave you with soft moisturized skin throughout the day. Most of them are Lies! Three hours later, I’m reapplying because my skin is obviously dry again. Recently I got my hands on Glowology’s Opulent Body Butter. 

This is a wonderfully thick body lotion that is scented with hints of coconut and loaded with ingredients like Coconut oil (my personal fave) shea butter, honey, camellia oil, all of these are very nourishing and moisturing ingredients for the skin. The best part about this, is after using, I’m pretty much good to go throughout the day. Loving this.

Have you tried this?

I know I’m super late with the  crest winners but hey you know how it goes.

The 2 winning comments are
Icosmetic RN
RVS Newark

Chosen from

Make sure you send me your addresses within 48 hours, or we’ll have to give these whitestrips to someone else.

What moisturizers are you loving?

Also this week beautylogic will be at an event in the city. If you live in NYC, I’d love for you to attend so we can meet. 


product provided by pr for review. 


hypnotic said...

Aveda Caribbean Therapy, but the price is ridic!

RVSNewark said...

Thanks for the win! - I'll get my info to you as soon as I can find your email address.

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