Nigel Barker's Beauty Equation=Must Read!

Although I’m a reality show addict, I’ve never been a big fan of America’s  Next Top Model. The show wasn’t really my thing at all. I’ll tell you, I probably only watched it just to get a look at Nigel Barker.  (Talk about a cutie!) When I was asked to review his book, I was honestly really skeptical, but let me tell you, this book is the business. Nigel writes this book in a fun, conversational and honest way, almost  as if he’s your big brother trying to give you advice. Nigel hopes to give you 10 essential qualities that add up to inner beauty. He says once you unveil these, you will find yourself uncovering your outer beauty as well. Throughout the book, he’s giving you some really great advice about loving yourself, stop comparing yourself to others, because it’s destructive, ways of taking care of yourself and some really helpful exercises that he wants you to do on yourself in order to build a more secure and positive you. He also teaches you what certain body languages mean like, arms crossed across the chest=disinterest, arms unfolded=openness, and other helpful tips.  I truly loved this book.

 Here are some really great tidbits from the book:

Be sexual and be sexy! It’s sensation. It’s Sexational. But the trend of being a hoochie needs to stop.
Don’t try to play a role that you’re not right for. Accept who you are and make it work.
Doing things others want you to do is fueling their ambitions not yours.
Also he tells you to eat certain super foods and you will see an amazing improvement in your hair skin and nails. Foods like Almonds, apples, avocados, baked tortilla/pita chips, barley, blueberries, brocooli, brusel sprouts, cantaloupe, chicken (skinless), garlic, green teak, hummus, kidney beans mackerel, oatmeal, olive oil, etc

Another great chapter comes at the end, where he teaches you how to take great photographs.

I’m kind of obsessed with this book, and highly recommend it to all women! This will be one of my rereads. 

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Love it.



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salwar kameez said...

Excellent article. Thanks to share this.

the beautynista said...

damn he's sexy

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