The Water Secret by Dr. Murad

I recently had the great pleasure of meeting Dr. Murad.
Yes thee Dr. Murad!
The man who brought Alpha Hydrox to the market.
The man whose products are sold everywhere.
And can I just say, what a wonderful guy.
He reminds me of my Dad 
without the Latin accent. 
But anyway, let’s talk his new book The Water Secret
Which is one of the most informative and amazing books I've ever read
As you girls know I’m trying to
Stay looking 21 forever. 
And this book is teaching me ways on how
to not only stay looking young, but 
be my healthiest as well.
The book is based on Dr. Murad’s years of research and experience with his thousands of patients.
What he noticed was that his patients that looked the youngest and were the healthiest,
Had something in common.
They retained water in their cells.
So their cells stayed youthful, and were able to fight stress, and aging.
As you get older, your cell membranes become thinner, due to stress and, and other life hazards like pollution, sun exposure, sleeplessness etc. 
Causing you to age, get sick, and not be at your healthiest.
In this book Dr. Murad teaches you how  to keep your cells at their best state. 
Now you may think with a title like The Water Secret, he wants you to drink as many cups of water a day, but that’s not the case at all.. He actually thinks  it’s better to eat your water, than drink your water.
Yes I said Eat.
By eating fruits, and vegetables which are mostly water anyway, as well as powerful antioxidants.
Foods such as cucumbers which contain roughage, that helps with digestion, and fruits and vegetables, will help your cells maintain it’s optimal state and will reduce the damage to the cell membrane.
Your cell membrane is made of amino acids and lipids as well.
And foods like Eggs, seeds, nuts,  will also make your cell membranes stronger.
Did you know that there are many people who drink 8 glasses of water who still are dehydrated. Yes! Because if the water is not absorbed by your cells, guess where it goes, to the toilet. That’s why by  by eating fruits and vegetables, which not only contain mostly water but antioxidants as well,  your cells will strengthen.
This book is loaded with so much great information. Including a new word that Dr. Murad coined “Cultural Stress” which I am full of and  teaches you how to deal with it a little better.
Once your cells are at their optimum state, you will look much more youthful, have a lot more energy and look 21 forever (well not really, but it will kick aging’s butt)
He also teaches you about the importance of sleep. 
Here's something interesting. When you only sleep four hours a night for two nights, 
your appetite increase by 24%. No wonder I'm always hungry. Usually the most I'm sleeping is four hours a night. Anyway this book  is loaded with so much useful information including what you should look for in your cosmetic ingredients, I couldn't put it down.

I loved it!

Order It here. 


Book provided by pr for editorial review.


Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

This sounds great! With all the salads I have had on my blog this def encourages me!

Cucumbers also contains silica vital for glowing skin. Great post and interesting book for sure!

Shadelle said...

Wow, I cannot wait to read this book!!! Is it at barnes and nobles yet?? Thanks for this information! I pray that you and your family are doing well :D

Nikia said...

You crack me up when you say you want to look 21 forever. You have nothing to worry about, you're doing everything right!

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