Amala Rejuvenate Cocoa Bean Face Cream is Extraordinary!

Sorry for the lack of beauty post yesterday. You don't even want to know what happened to me.
I was cooking Monday night, and I was trying to open a bag of coconut flakes (making honey coconut salmon) and I couldn't find my scissors. So like an idiot, I tried to put a knife through the top of the bag and the knife cut the skin off of my index finger tip. So I was in the emergency room, and now for the next five days my left index finger is bandaged up. Here's the interesting thing though, the Doctor that treated me is the same Doctor that tried to resuscitate John Lennon thirty years ago when he died. How crazy is that! I found out because I have the insane habit of googling every single person I meet. It's the reporter in me!

Anyway, I was going to take a break for five days but I just couldn't. I  had to let you girls know about my latest remedy for combating my dry, flaky skin. Amala Rejuvenate Cocoa Bean Face Cream. So although I'm typing with one hand and it's taking me three hours to type a paragraph,  I don't care! You girls must know about this product.

First of all, I love this company. Amala (manufactured in Germany) treatments contain the maximum possible concentration of certified organic and wild crafted ingredients and are 100% natural and free of synthetics, chemical preservatives and ingredients tested on animals. I love that the name Amala in Spanish means "love her." Now the Amala Rejuvenate Face Cream is one of the most effective face moisturizers I've ever used.  I was a little skeptical at first because it seemed a little thick. But after putting it on, it absorbed really well into my skin.  Immediately after applying the flakes on my skin were eliminated. Yes Eliminated! It was almost as if the Amala Rejuvenating Face Cream swallowed them up. They were gone!  This also really gave my skin a gorgeous glow. This contains cocoa bean which Amala sources from a fair trade farm in Peru.  Cocoa bean is known for it's high antioxidant properties and increasing the circulation to the skin. It also contains Acai, green algae, cupucau butter really powerful antioxidants and moisturizers for your skin.

Now listen my skin is super sensitive. I put the wrong product on it, and I"ll be suffering for weeks with zits and dark marks. Not with this. It did not break me out at all  Also the scent of this is delicious. There's a slight hint of cocoa, with a mix of maybe lavender. I don't know how to describe this delicious scent, but I can't stop smelling myself. Mr. Milly has been trying to borrow some, ever since he saw what this did to my skin, and I've warned him,  "Touch again, and we might need marriage counseling after!"  I also love reading about the owner who is incredibly inspirational. Here's a Vanity Fair Article about her . My only issue is the price, it is a little on the expensive side, and you girls know I'm a penny pincher, but these results are undeniable.

This product is really fabulous, and I would highly highly recommend.

Find out more about Amala on

Maybe we'll do a giveaway soon. I'll let you know. 

Also, unless Mr. Milly agrees to type my post, I may be out for the next few days.



Product provided by pr for review. This in no way affected how I felt about it.


Teensybug said...

I hope you feel better! I love to read your posts, but don't rush to write them. You get better first, okay?!

That is eerie that your doctor was also John Lenon's doctor the night he died.

I'll give this product a try. I have sensitive skin as well and I'm still in love with the mango cream you recommended.

How is that little man of yours? He is so precious....and he's a spitting image of you. He even has your smile! Take Care

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