Arbonne FC5 Intense Hydration Mask

Hey girls, how was your weekend? Mine was amazing. Hope yours was too. Heard some great jazz, hung out with some great friends, and even made a new friend. Those are the three keys to a great weekend for me. Anyway, let’s get talking about beauty. Not sure if I ever revealed to you girlies that my skin is  incredibly moody. During the summer,  she’s ridiculously oily, so much so that I have to constantly blot her with blotting wipes, but during the winter, she’s so dry that I have to reapply my foundation throughout the day because of how flaky and scaly she can get. I prefer oily to dry, just because I can remedy the oil quickly with the blotting papers, but when my skin get's seriously dry, I always have to re-moisture and then re-apply my whole makeup. What a pain in the neck that can be!  Now the weather is getting cooler, so it’s dry season. It’s about this time that I break out the borage oil capsules (that helps to alleviate some of the dryness) and I also break out all my dry remedy moisturizers and cleanser and masks. One of my new favorite hydration masks is  Arbonne.’s FC5 Intense Hydration Mask.


This mask works some serious moisture to my alligator flaky skin This mask contains fresh mango extracts so you definitely feel a tingling sensation when applying. It's also very light on the hands, feels like the consistency of a lotion.  The Arbonne FC5 line is  created through a unique technology where the cell nutrients remain encapsulated and intact until they are applied to the skin. I used this for over 20 minutes, although it says to only use for 10, and this really left my skin so insanely moisturized, soft and hydrated. It was so good that my skin did not get flaky or dry at all after and I didn't have to reapply my makeup throughout the day. Love this 
All of Arbones FC5 products are formulated without gluten, vegan certified, and derm tested. 

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hi Milly! You rock - loved your posting about the FC5 Hydrating masque - if you are okay with it - I can offer your readers 20% off, just mention Beauty Logic... thanks, Patty

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