Bodre Cut And Color Room

Heres a post from BeautyLogic's co-editor Cassie Freeman. She's giving us the juice on the only salon where she gets her stylish short cut: Bodre Cut And Color Room. 

So many people ask me all the time, "Who cuts my hair?" Well today I will give you the dish…because after all it takes a team to make a girl look and feel her best!
I go to the Upper West Side to a cool and chic boutique salon called Bodre, named after my awesome stylist Hector Bodre! He's owned this salon for the last seven years, and I found him through word of mouth years ago. His salon is chic with all of their gallery events, wine nights, margarita Fridays and martini Tuesdays, but he is also the most amazing stylist when it comes to cuts. I have always had short hair, and in my opinion to cut a cool sassy short doo at an affordable price is hard to do.  Hector is the one person who I will make an hour trek from Brooklyn to cut my hair!
Hectors motto for his salon is “Bringing Glam Uptown".His clients include actors, stylist and professional women of all color.He can do everything. He is a cut and color specialist!
The products he uses the most are from  Echosline. He washes and conditions my hair from that line every time. However, he is about to move to the Redken line because he believes their products are even better and are more specific and detailed in handling different types of hair. However, what I'm looking forward to is when Bodre starts his own line.
I adore this salon, and  last Wednesday I had the launching of my new non profit the Kassandra Arts Project, everyone kept complimenting me on my hair cut, thanks Bodre for allowing to look my best while I do my best!
Bodre Cut And Color Room 
(212) 304-1142  
4714 Broadway
New York, NY 10040

Thanks Cassie. Cassie is heading to LA this week for two weeks to film a new movie. She'll be bringing us reviews on the hottest spots in LA and possibly some beauty juice from one of the A list stars in the film.  We'll see! With Cassie though, anything is possible.


BonafideLatina~ said...

Niiice a salon near me uptown uptown :)
Thx for the review Cassie!
I will add to my list to visit and give it a try.

Hector said...

thank u so much for the beautiful write up on Bodre's staff and services

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