Clarins Rouge Prodige Lipstick Rocks My World!

                                                     Clarins Rouge Prodige Lipstick Nude

I realize today J Lo and I have a lot in common. We're Latin, both from NYC, good dancers, both killer curves (she's had her great curves forever though, I got mine after giving birth to lil guy) and we also have similar looks, usually glowing tan skin and the essential nude lip. I think the only difference between us is she's a gazillionare, married to a mega Latin star,  famous all around the world, and is the mother of twins, other than that, I'd say we're two peas in a pod. lol Anyway,  J lo's look hasn't changed in a while, and neither has mine. (I'm not really one that falls for trends.)  I just love rocking a nude lip. I usually stick to nude glosses though. Lipsticks can be a  little too drying and they never last long. However,  Clarins recently launched their  Rouge Prodige Line and I must say these lipsticks are making me put the glosses away. I got the chance to try the nude shade. Clarins says that the Rouge Prodige line stays put from your morning coffee cup to evening cocktail glass without drying the lips. Before I try lipsticks, I usually apply a gloss before hand. I didn't do that with this. I applied the lipstick directly on my lips, and my lips were not dry at all. The Rouge Prodige actually felt almost like a lip balm. The nude was just a perfect  shade. The lipstick contains Brittany algae extract and omega fatty acids. Seriously my lips felt moist, hydrated, and they looked amazing, and this color lasted a good four hours without me having to reapply. All in all, I am loving this big time! A++++

Me with the Nude Rouge Prodige Lipstick

If you're not a nude lip gal, don't worry. The Clarins Rouge Prodige line contains sixteen shades. You can order it here 


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jro327 said...

Milly, you look so beautiful, and your baby boy is absolutely adorable. I noticed that you posted about ways to make your hair grow longer. While I have long hair, my problem is that recently I have noticed quite a bit of thinning at the scalp. I always hear commercials for ovation cell therapy and wondered if you knew anything about it or anyone that has tried it, and whether it works or not. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Your skin is so pretty.

What advice do you have as a tan/brown sugar babe regarding dark spots and older acne marks?

Thank You in Advance.

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