Sometimes ite’s a bad idea to give things extravagant names.
Because then people’s expectations are pretty high. 
 Like L’oreals NEW Voluminous Million Lashes. 
Great Name, but I expected some serious results.
And the fact that  Eva Longoria from my favorite show Desperate Houswives is in the ads, 
made me run out and buy this from my Rite Aid ASAP.
I think that if they would have called this, Hundred Voluminous or Thousand Voluminous
I might have loved it, but I guess those names aren't that catchy. 
But, to call this Million, made me say ehhh to this macara.
It’s not a bad product now, don’t get me wrong.
But maybe I expected too much. 
                                              Naked Eye
Like  I expected my lashes to almost look false
-that didn’t’ happen.  
I liked the packaging. It’s a gorgeous gold chic bottle. 
Really pretty, 
and the brush has some serious bristles. 

   Clumping wasn't that bad. 
                                               2 coats of this mascara

 But I didn’t see too much length either, and volume didn’t really seem to increase at all. 
                         left eye has mascara -right one is naked.

So I think I’d wear this during the day. It’s a pretty tame mascara and the packaging is super pretty.
I also like that they have this feature that doesn’t allow you to waste the mascara.
But, I think the mascara L’oreal should have called “Million” is their  original Voluminous.
That mascara is freaking amazing. 


fyi Next week we'll be having some great giveaways so stay tuned. 


Josy said...

I really love it in you, I'll buy and try.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey MIlly
I purchased this mascara and I really like it for myself, sorry you didn't have the same experience. However, like Josy, I think it looks great on you!!!!!

Chanel said...

I was really looking forward to trying that mascara and I might just skip that purchase now. I love the voluminous...one of my favorites.

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