The last three years of this blog, I hope I’ve taught you girls a lot more than just beauty stuff. I hope that you’ve read Beautylogic and realized that it’s not about just the latest products that we’re trying, but also about the power that I believe we as women possess and the remarkable things we can do it.  I’m all about GIRL POWER! I love hearing when my fellow sisters do well. Remember there is enough success in this world for all of us. No need to hate on your fellow women. Don’t you know hate in your heart ages you (and you girls know how I feel about aging, I’m trying to look 21 forever).  When I first heard the word "Womanity" I loved it. What a strong word! Say it with me, will you? WOMANITY! That word to me means so much. It's the invisible bond that we as women share with each other.  The word also  conjures up images of three women, my bestest Cassie Freeman, Tererai Trent (don't worry if you don't know who she is just yet) and of course my mommy.  All of them represent Womanity to me and they all have these traits in common: CONFIDENCE, FEARLESSNESS, and KINDNESS. 

Cassie is that girl!  When she walks in the room, all eyes on her. Her confidence is electric, it’s magnetic. Everyone wants to be her friend. She has so much confidence that when her friends are down, the first person they call is her because they know she will reassure them of their abilities. Her confidence is contagious. Cassie is also Fearless. She truly believes that anything is possible once you believe in yourself. She has no doubt in what she can do, and she always says the worst thing anyone can say is "no."   Cassie’s best quality though is her kindness. She would give her last dollar to someone she loved if she knew they needed it. When I decided because of Lil Man I needed a co-editor, I knew it would have to be her. She truly embodies Womanity.

Tererai Trent -I first heard about this woman in a publication I read every morning, then saw her again on a very popular talk show. She grew up with no running water, and in a country where educating the men was more important than educating the women.  Her father made her get married at age 11, and by 21, she had three children, and a bad husband. However, with all those hardships, she still had big dreams. Her mother encouraged her to write her dreams down, and Tererai did. After having the confidence to leave her land and come to the USA,  poor but with a confident spirit,  she fearlessly completed all the dreams she had written down even while dealing with so many issues. Last year, she received her PHD and she returned to her country and crossed out her final dream. She had completed all of them. Isn't that amazing! What I also love about Tererari is that although her husband made things very difficult for her, when she found out he was sick, who do you think was the first one to nurse him? That kindness is just so beautiful and what makes Tererai Trent amazing.  Every time I want to make excuses for not achieving something, or give up, I think about all that this woman dealt with, and  remember that anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself, and work hard.

(Mommy didn't want a picture)
My mother truly embodies Womanity as well. She’s the most beautiful person I know. Not just because we could be twins, (we look that much alike) but because of her  remarkable spirit. We were poor growing up but you never would know it with her. She always had the most stylish clothes, always walked with her head held high. She exuded confidence, still does. She always made sure that my siblings and I were being exposed to other cultures and  had us in various classes from dancing to piano. She also made sure to teach us that no one was better than anyone else and every weekend she would take us to an “open house” in a sprawling Manhattan apartment to show us the various beautiful homes that we could achieve if we believed in ourselves and worked hard.  My mom is also the most fearless person I know. She will attempt anything. But the thing that mommy is most known for is her kindness. I have never met a more selfless person. In 20 something years of knowing mommy, I’ve never heard her say one bad thing about another person.  She always says “Why spread hate, when love is what makes the world go round.”

The fragrance Womanity is described as:

"The WOMANITY scent is the first sweet and savory fragrance creation. A unique accord of fig and caviar makes this distinctive fragrance vibrant and harmonious."

Find out the story behind Womanity by heading to this link: 

These women are amazing and they truly embody Womanity. Now my question to you is,  

“What does Womanity mean to you? 

I’d love you to answer that question here by leaving a comment as well as answer it here as well.



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ashok said...

for me women is love - love is women

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