Cassie's Corner: Double Happiness Jewels

I had so much fun filming The Wish Wizard, and really met some amazing people along the way. Wish Wizard is a film for the Make A Wish foundation. This picture was made so some children afflicted with Cancer could get their wish fulfilled to be in a Hollywood movie! It was directed by Andre Gordon. I had so much fun on this film for so many reasons, but especially because it made me reconnect to the reasons why I became an actress. And to see the look in these kids faces who came from all over America just to be close to a film set filled me with humility and rejuvenated my love for making movies.

Our costume designer is two time Emmy winner Wendy Benbrook. She was awesome to work with and made me look amazing! And her friend who runs a cool jewelry company called Double Happiness gave me the greatest necklace. Double Happiness literally means marriage in chinese culture but for them it stands for a type of karmic chain reaction, and obviously its been good karma because they have been around since 2001. My necklace is a double stranded long necklace one strand is gold and the other is white gold. It is a perfect necklace that makes any outfit pop! And a great gift to remember the beautiful experience I had filming  this movie. Double Happiness is a New York store, so when I get back to NY, I will be happy to report more about their products and aesthetics. 

Hugs & Love


*ms.angela89* said...

I love that Double Happiness necklace. It would look stunning whoever is wearing it. It will definitely make a pop in someone. :) I'm glad to hear you had fun filming. I'm sure those sick kids are thankful and happy and you should be too! :D

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