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While in LA I got the chance to go to some of my favorite spots, and definitely some of my fave stores, and one of my favorite most adored fashion secrets is KRMA. Its cool high end sexy fashion that has a bit of rock and roll to wear on the streets of NY, London or your home town!!

KRMA is designed by Austrailian Nick Bowes. Bowes, coming from the modeling world knows fashion. He is super cute and super sweet with a passion for fashion. We met the first time a few years ago at a movie premier and we've  been friends ever since. He has an eye for fashion that I believe is truly unique. What I love about his clothes is that he manages to make street wear look like runway quality with out it being stiff! He has dressed celebs like Fergi, Alicia Keys, Pink,  Adrian Grenier,

many others and yes me!! KRMA is like no other when it comes to their style in leather, I have a few of their leather jackets, and people are obsessed with them.  KRMA leather jackets make you wish it was cold out every day, and his flannel tops are super sweet! 

His jackets mixed with his cool graphic tees, (and PS his tees are designed with a woman in mind, the deep scoop neck line reveals all of your good traits while showing off a hip design),  styled along with your favorite boots, make every look you have look polish and chic! You can find his fashions at Barneys, Bloomingdales, and Fred Segal and you can always find him and his designs at his web site!!

To learn more about Nick Bowes and KRMA go to

Hugs and Love, 



Sarah said...

I yearn for KRMA's Jade leather jacket. One day it will make its way into my closet and I will be forever satisfied!

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