Giovanni Colorflage Daily Color Defense Shampoo Gives Linette Her Groove Back!

Sometimes when Lil Man acts like this

the only thing that makes him feel better  is a walk to TJ Maxx.

Alright that's what makes me feel better. 
He just falls asleep along the way. 
Don't judge me
Anyway, about two weeks ago,
after one of his crying episodes,
We were cruising through my TJ Maxx
and we noticed this Giovanni Colorflage Shampoo
on sale for $3.99 that we'd never seen before.

Linette was intrigued. (If you don't know who Linette is, click here )
If you don't want to click,
Linette is the name I gave my hair.
Don't judge me
Anyway, We thought we'd used all of Giovanni shampoos.

It was for black hair too, so we were excited!
Not only was Lil man asleep,
but we got a new Giovanni shampoo for $3.99.
Anyway last week we decided to give her a whirl.
The product says "Embolden black hair with a licorice and blackberry blend for lasting mutli-dimensional radiance"
Wow, that sounded sexy.
When I washed Linette with this shampoo,
we noticed a few things.
Man it was black

Man it smelled like a blueberry smoothie.
But, while we were washing.
We were a little unsure.
The shampoo didn't really wow Linette.
Until we got her all ready

by blow drying and curling her
Gorgeous shine and superior bounce!

Linette got her groove back!!
We were so intrigued that we went online and found out that Giovanni has more of these colorflage shampoo/condtioners for every hair color.
For some reason these are seriously hard to get.
I've only found them in TJ Maxx.
and vitacost.
But Linette and I both highly recommend.




Anonymous said...

Can you please post a pic of the results? Thanks!

BonafideLatina~ said...

You crack me up!! :)
Great post...

beautylogicblog said...

sure, I'll wash my hair with it this week and add the pic.

Anonymous said...


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