Zoya Sarah Sneak Peek & Polished Beauty Bar

Hey girls,

Yesterday I went to this fabu nail salon near my apartment  called Polished Beauty Bar. I was digging this place. First off they have these massage chairs that feel like there's an actual human being giving you a massage. Usually I hate massage chairs but not this one. It was amazing how great it felt,  and they also have NYC's biggest Zoya collection. Anyway, that place deserves it's own post so I'll talk about them sometime next week,  but what I was really loving was the fact that they had Zoya's new Winter Collection. (I haven't even gotten my hands on it yet.)  I had to get my nails done with the new Zoya Sarah. Isn't it gorgeous. You girls know how much I love my reds.

Zoya Sarah (W/Flash)

 Without Flash- I think without flash is the way the color really looks.

Can we say gorgeous!

Do you love it?

Hopefully I'll get my hands on the whole winter line soon and have a review up shortly.




BonafideLatina~ said...

Lovely!!! I just got Zoya's 'Kelly' it's great for fall :)

Donna ♥ Baby said...

thats such a beautiful color!

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