Lancome Color Design Taupe Craze Eyeshadow Palette

I'm really loving Lancome's new Color Design eyeshadow palette in Taupe Craze. These shadows are extremely pigmented, and are geared towards neutral lovers like myself.

When I first got into eye shadows, I had no idea where to put any of the shades. Since, that's been over ten years I've gotten  better, but I really wished they had palette's like Lancome Color Design around back then. This palette gives instructions on  where to put each shade,  and it also provides a booklet which shows exactly  how to put it, and gives a detailed picture showing how the end result should look. Also, it gives you two looks, a day and night time look.  I love that. Anything that makes my life easier is always a win for me! lol.

Here are swatches of the palette. The all over base is a pretty matte satin peach. The lid shade is a beautiful tan shade with shimmer. The crease shade is a medium brown matte. The highlighter is taupe with shimmer and the liner is a dark brown with silver shimmer. I'm all over this palette, although the highlight was a bit tricky for me. I actually used it in the inner corner of my eye and liked it there.

All in all, this palette will be used heavily on nights out. I actually used it on Saturday night when I went out with hubby and he liked it. When hubby notices my makeup, that says a lot.The man never notices my makeup. His excuse, "Why should I notice your makeup, I love your natural beauty." My only qualm with this product though is it's pretty expensive. $48.00 bucks.

What are your thoughts on this palette?




Amatista said...

What are the ingredients? I'm trying to look for Paraben free eyeshadows that have a variety of colors like Lancome does.

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