Lorac Multiplex 3D Eye shadow Palette & 1st Day of Fashion Week

Hey loves,

Yesterday was the first day of Fashion Week. Man it was crazy,especially since my babysitter tried to cancel on me last minute. After I begged on my hands and knees asked her nicely, she finally agreed to watch Lil Man. Wheesh that was a close one.

For the first day of Fashion Week, we had to break out the new Lorac Multiplex 3-D Eyeshadow Palette. I say "we" because my girlfriend who is an amazing MUA, was over and she did my makeup.In my opinion Lorac makes some of the best eye shadows out. They apply so smoothly "like butter" (as my girlfriend says) and are just loaded with pigment. The Mutliplex palette is no exception. Here's a pic of my palette (after it was used). Don't judge me! I forgot to take the pic before hand.

This Palette is so serious.

Here are some swatches:

Anyway, after she finished my makeup, I headed downtown to Urban Decay's Wildfox Show. I'll be reviewing that show later on today. The look was basically rockstar ode to the 60's dramatic eye, nude lips. Loved it.Here's one of the girls from the show:

After Urban Decay, I headed to the Heart Truth Red Dress Show in Lincoln Center. This is one of my favorite shows. It's all celebrities walking the runway and it benefits heart disease research (the # 1 killer of women). So many great women walked, from Taraji P Henson, Susanne Somers (who's body can rival any 20 year olds) and my favorite because she's a friend to the blog Dania Ramirez. You can read the interview we did with her here.

I'll post more in depth about the shows later on when my son goes to sleep.
Just wanted to give you a quick recap.

FYI: My crazy sequined leopard bag is from Betsey Johnson.



Lorac 3d eyeshadow palette provided by pr


BonafideLatina~ said...

I was going to ask you where that bag is from ...glad I read the last few lines! :)
Bag is to die for!
You look great and your pic looks great ... I think I see a MUA in you too :)

Kimberly said...

lol thanks for the heads up on the bag. that's the first thing I noticed!

*ms.angela89* said...

That palette consist of some pretty colors. I like the neutral looking brown, the black and silver. I could definitely do something with those colors. I'm not really a blue fan, so eh? But otherwise, the colors look great on you Milly.

Anonymous said...

what lipstick are you wearing?

Ouidad said...

I also love the palate... but I'm a huge blue fan! Great photos & recap.

Katie for Ouidad

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