Valentines Day with Bill & Giuliana Rancic

Happy Valentines Day Angels. I hope that you realize Valentines Day is not just about romance, it's about celebrating Love. Whether it's the love you've got for your partner or just the love for your family and friends, it's all equally important. So enjoy the day today.

We got a chance to interview Bill and Giuliana Rancic about Valentines day, married life and their plans. 

Let's talk a little to them.

1) How do you keep your marriage alive?
We think it’s all about balance.  Although both of us spend a huge majority of our time working and traveling, we always make sure to take time for each other.  It’s as easy as looking over at your partner and just saying “Hey just checking in…is everything ok with you in terms of our relationship? Is there anything I can work on?” It’s all about having an open dialogue about everything.  Communication is key.  

2) What is the hardest thing about being married?
G: The hardest thing about being married is compromise!  Bill is a total neat freak and I’m pretty messy.  Sometimes it’s annoying being married to someone who is obsessed with cleaning and organizing!
B: Sometimes it’s annoying being married to someone who leaves her shoes all over the place!  But that’s where compromise comes in.  I try not to be as worried about everything being in its exact place and she tries to remember to pick up after herself.

3) What's the best thing about being married?
G: The best part about being married is the comfort of knowing that you have a life-long partner who will be there to support you through good times and bad for the rest of your life.  Bill and I have been through a lot in the past year and I feel so lucky to have the support of my husband whenever I need him.  The challenges we have faced have brought us so much closer together and we both feel very lucky to have each other.

4) What are 3 things you do to spice up your marriage?
- Break out of your rut!  It doesn’t take an expensive 7 day cruise… Try a cool, new restaurant with a different cuisine that you’ve never tried before like Indian or Thai! Or take a jog together in a different direction than you usually go and you’ll see new things that you’ve never noticed before. It will make for good conversation later!
-On a special holiday like a birthday or Valentine’s Day, agree to send 5 texts to each other throughout the day telling your partner what you love most about them.  Make it unique or specific to your loved one and have it be truly from the heart.
-Everyone loves for their partner to give them a massage so plan a night where you cook your partner dinner and dessert is a 30 minute massage using silky lotion like NIVEA Smooth Sensation which makes it easier for the person giving the massage and also, very enjoyable for the one receiving it.

5) What's Bill planning for you on Valentines Day?
B: I can’t give away my secrets!  But for us, just being together in the same city is special enough.  I have something planned, but there has to be some element of surprise!  

6) What's Nivea offering for Valentines Day?
B:  Since we’re NIVEA’s Romance Ambassadors, we’re all about giving tips that people can use this Valentine’s Day.  For example, skip the spa and create a relaxing mini in-home spa treatment. You can get as elaborate as you want with this one- manicure, pedicure, facial. Giuliana always likes a massage with a long-lasting moisturizing lotion such as NIVEA Smooth Sensation with Hydra IQ technology. She stays moisturized from head to toe and I’m the hero! A little pampering like this can go a long way!



Sugar + Spice(AzĂșcar+Especia) said...

I like Bill & Guiliana. Their show is funny but they also deal with the realities of being married and having demanding careers. They make a great team and I HOPE that are not afflected with what seems to happen after every couple does a reality show....

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