Agadir Hair Moisture Masque

Remember when I went to the International Beauty Show two weeks ago, and the company Agadir asked me to be a hair model. Well after I was done, the company gifted me their new  Agadir Moisture Masque to try out. I finally got a chance to try this product and here’s the deets on  it. First of all, when I first grabbed some of this masque, I noticed it was incredibly thick. It was so thick that I really thought it would weigh my hair down. I was a little nervous about that, but since I’m a guinea pig for you guys, I kept the masque on anyway. After five minutes, I then washed it out and began styling my hair. This mask contains  argan oil, keratin, vitamin e,  and it also contain silicones. So if you're against silicones this may not be for you. I also noticed that  argan oil was kind of down on the list of ingredients. I thought that was a little strange considering this is supposed to be an argan oil masque. Anyway, after trying the mask, my hair was shiny, and it was also very bouncy, and full.   I was kind of shocked that it wasn’t weighed down because the masque was so thick, but it wasn’t at all. This masque also claims that your hair will dry 40% faster and I felt that my hair did dry much quicker than normal.  Honestly I loved the results my hair was left with, however, they really need to lay off the fragrance! This stuff is way too perfumey and after a while, the scent annoyed the heck out of me.

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Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

I won the hair set last year on the giveaway you had and loved their products. I'm not usingany morecones in my hair but I like how shiny it left your hair.

Anonymous said...

Would you recommend me this mask?
Have you tried the Macadamia deep repair masque yet? Which one do you like more and which one would you most likely recommend?

I have very dry, damaged hair from japanese thermal straightening and from dying my hair 6 times.

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